Hunters sustain themselves by killing animals for food and selling any other products they might yield.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Anerui Anerui Hunter
Food Shopkeeper
Ab'Dendriel food shop in Underwood
Cruleo Cruleo Hunter
Near Orc Fortress in Ferngrims Gate
Grizzly Adams Grizzly Adams Hunter
Organisation Leader
Southern part of Port Hope, little east from the town.
Huntsman Huntsman Hunter Various spots around Carlin, Kazordoon and Ab'Dendriel.
Nomad Nomad Hunter
South of Bittermor on Hrodmir.
Owin Owin Hunter
On Grimvale, northernmost hut.
Robin Robin Hunter Thais, north from the Sorcerer guild on Sorcerer's Avenue.
Rottin Wood Rottin Wood Hunter
Clan Leader
His house in the Outlaw Camp

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