A Hotkey is a button or combination of buttons that when pressed have some effect. In Tibia, players can set hotkeys to use items or send a string of text. For example, a player can use hotkeys to eat Ham (use), drink a Health Potion (use on yourself), dig with a Shovel where the player chooses (use with crosshairs), or use a Sudden Death Rune (use on target). Backpacks need not be opened in order to use hotkeyed items.

The client also has its own hotkeys, for example it is convention that the Ctrl+C hotkey corresponds to copy to system clipboard. These are unrelated to player-set hotkeys and are discussed separately.

Stand-Alone Client

On the Stand-Alone Client players can set up to 36 hotkeys. The function keys (F1, F2, F3, ..., F12) are the primary hotkeys, the secondary hotkeys are activated with  Shift followed by the function keys, and the tertiary hotkeys are activated with Ctrl followed by the function keys.

In 10.55 a feature was added to allow players to set hotkey presets, allowing automatic changing of hotkey sets.

Flash Client

On the Flash Client players can arbitrarily set up their own hotkeys. The Flash Client hotkey setup has an internal spellbook that allows you to select the spell to cast, but it is no different than actually casting the spells (you can set the string exura gran instead of setting the spell).


  • Players can quickly find the total amount of an item they possess by adding a hotkey to a countable item and using it. For example many players hotkey Gold Coins so they can use the hotkey and quickly tell how many gold coins are in their backpack. Note that if the item has an effect when used, one of the item will be used in the process.
  • Players can find the internal ID of an item by hotkeying it and searching the Tibia.cfg file for the added hotkey.
  • In extension of finding item IDs, players can use hotkeys to distinguish versions of items, for example Rusty Armor (Common) from Rusty Armor (Rare). The only other way to achieve this is by using the Market.

Client Shortcuts

Note that shortcuts with a (*) are not shown in the official manual.

  • Ctrl+A - select all text in the field of focus. If the focus is on the console and the user has no written text, it will select all of the message box's text; otherwise it will select the user's entered text.
  • Ctrl+C - copy the selected text into the system clipboard.
  • Ctrl+X - cut the selected text and put it into the system clipboard. The old text will be deleted. Cannot be used on non-rewritable text such as the message box.
  • Ctrl+V - paste a copy of the text from the clipboard into the field of focus. The clipboard will not be altered.
  •  Shift+ &  Shift+ - browse through the recently sent text. If there is text in the console when this is initially used, an entry will be added to the list but the text will not be sent, so you can recover what was in the text field by pressing  Shift+.
  •  Shift+ &  Shift+ - move the text cursor left/right, allowing you to add or remove text at a different position.


Tab &
Switch between channels.
Ctrl+DSwitch to the Local Chat Channel.
Ctrl+OOpen a new channel.
Ctrl+EClose the current channel.
Ctrl+MShow server messages in the current channel.
Ctrl+IOpen the ignore and white lists.

See also: Chat Commands.

Help and Report Functions

Ctrl+HGet online help for the client.
Ctrl+TOpen the Help Channel to get help by tutors.
Ctrl+ZBug Report (only tutors).
Alt+F8Show current framerate (frames per second) without having to open the options panel. (*)


Alt+Home / EndZoom the automap in or out.
Alt+ / / / Scroll on the automap.
Alt+Page Up / Page DownSwitch the automap to a higher or lower floor.

Control Buttons

EscStop any character action.
Ctrl+Q /
Log out from the game.
Alt+F4Try exit game. (*)
Ctrl+GLog out and switch to another character of your account.
Ctrl+POpen/close VIP list.
Ctrl+BOpen/close Battle Window.
Ctrl+SOpen/close Skills Window.
Ctrl+KAssign texts, spells or actions to hotkeys.

Game Window

Ctrl+WRemove statements from the game window.
Ctrl+RMount or dismount.
Ctrl+NHide the names and the status bars of the creatures on the game window.
Ctrl+F / Alt+ EnterSwitch to fullscreen mode or back to windowed mode.
Ctrl+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off)
'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object.
Right Click
(Classic Control on)
'Use' or 'Open' any item, container or object (*).
 Shift+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off/on)
'Look' at any item, object, monster, NPC or character.
/ / / Walk (not diagonally).
Numpad Cursor Keys
(Num Lock off)
Walk (also diagonally).
 Shift+Numpad Cursor Keys
(Num Lock on)
Walk (also diagonally) (*).
Ctrl+ / / / Change the direction your character is facing.
Ctrl+Moving stacked itemsThe whole stack will be moved at once.
 Shift+Moving stacked itemsYou will only move one stacked item at a time.
Alt+Left/Right Click
(Classic Control off/on)
Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character.
Right Click
(Classic Control on)
Start or to stop an attack to a monster or character. (*)


Shortcuts List
How to Write Messages
Help and Report Functions
Basic Controls
Moving Your Character
Moving Items

Hotkey Template

Below is a template that you can print, cut-out and place above your keyboard as a quick reference. It has places for you to write in the hotkey assignments you have. NOTE: Be sure to print it in "landscape" instead of "portrait", or you will not print the entire table.

If you are having trouble finding places to fit all of your hotkeys, the different vocation pages (Druid, Sorcerer, Knight, Paladin) have some ideas that might help.

Note: Use the printable version to print it if you wish, since this is only a example on how the hotkey template look like.

Healing/Support Attack
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12
Mana Potion Light Healing Intense Healing Ultimate Healing Energy Strike Flame Strike Death Strike Ice strike Haste Levitate Up Invisible Magic Shield Standard
SHIFT+ Cancel Invisibility Antidote Find Person Creature Illusion Terra Strike Fire Wave Energy Wave Energy Beam Strong Haste Levitate Down Magic Rope Summon Creature Powerful
CTRL+ Destroy Field Magic Wall Desintegrate HMM GEB Hell's Core Rage of the Skies Sudden Death GFB Explosion Stalagmite Wild Growth
Missing Spells:
Missing Runes:

Click here for a printable version.

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