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Horestis Horestis Tomb
Near City: Ankrahmun
Location: Upstairs at the Dragon spawn nearest to Ankrahmun, here.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 20 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 20 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 20 ML: :Arm/Set
Second Floor
Knights: 30 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 30 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 30 ML: :Arm/Set
Third Floor
Knights: 35 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 35 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 35 ML: :Arm/Set
Fourth Floor
Knights: 45 Attk: :Shield
Paladins: 45 Dist: :Shield/Arm
Mages: 45 ML: :Arm/Set
Fifth Floor
Knights: 50 Attk:  ?  ? :Shield
Paladins: 45 Dist:  ?  ? :Shield/Arm
Mages: 45 ML:  ?  ? :Arm/Set
Sixth Floor
Knights: 70 Attk:  ?  ? :Shield
Paladins: 65 Dist:  ?  ? :Shield/Arm
Mages: 65 ML:  ?  ? :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly


Very Good



Notable Loot
Fist on a Stick Gold Ingot Clay Lump Daramian Waraxe Death Ring

Horestis Tomb is a tomb north-west of Ankrahmun. It is comprised of 6 hunting floors and each floor becomes progressively more difficult. It is normally populated with Undead creatures specific to the tomb, e.g. Grave Guards, and with a final boss, Horestis. If Horestis is killed the tomb's creatures will no longer spawn, and Honour Guards will spawn all over the desert between Ankrahmun and Darashia.

It is not known how to repopulate the tomb but it is thought that Honour Guards or Scarabs must be killed in the desert. When the Scarabs are killed a phenomenon called Horestis' Curse may be witnessed: a scorpion sometimes spawns from the scarabs' bodies.

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First Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Hyaena Hyaena 20 60 275/275 0-3 Worms, 0-2 Meat.
Nomad Nomad 60 160 420/420 0-40 gp, Rope Belt, Axe (semi-rare), Brass Armor (semi-rare), Dirty Turban (semi-rare), Mace (semi-rare), 0-3 Potatoes (semi-rare), Iron Helmet (rare), Steel Shield (rare), Nomad Parchment (very rare).

Second Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot

Third Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot

Fourth Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot

Fifth Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot

Sixth Room Hunting Level

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot


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