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This creature is a boss in the The Undead class, Pharaohs subclass.
9.1 (July 6, 2011)
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Horestis Horestis
6000 Hit points
3500 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-450?), Death Missile (200-750?), Life Drain Beam (400-500?), Poison Ball on itself (causes drunkness), Poison Wave (causes paralyse), Life Drain Strike (?), Poison starts with 35 hp per turn, Summons 2 Sandstone Scorpions, Self Healing (200-400?).
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: Tick
Est. Max. Damage: 1300? hp per turn
Immune To: Unknown.
Strong To: Earth (-50%?)
Neutral To: Physical?, Holy?, Death?, Fire?, Energy?, Ice?, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To:
Sounds: "I might be dead but I'm not gone!"
Behavior: Unknown.
Field Notes: In order to spawn Horestis, a team has to break all the Ornate Canopic Jars in Horestis' tomb.
Location: Horestis Tomb.
Strategy: Unknown.
0-243 gp, 0-5 Platinum Coins, 0-5 Scarab Coins, 0-4 Great Health Potions, 0-3 Great Mana Potions, Silver Brooch, Pharaoh Banner, Hieroglyph Banner, Rusty Legs (Rare) (very rare), Pharaoh Sword (very rare), Twin Axe (very rare), Mini Mummy (very rare), Scorpion Sceptre (always). (Loot Statistics)

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