Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Thais
Position 127.25, 125.144, 6
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Fisherman
Other Properties
Version Pre-6.0
Status Active
You see Hoggle.
NPC Bubble D
  • Oh, this misery...


East of Thais.


Downstairs on Hoggle's dock you may find three barrels. In them Hoggle stores 4 Leather Boots, 10 fish and 10 salmon.

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Hoggle is the start NPC for Hoggle's Garden Quest (which is a part of the Kissing a Pig Quest). He also helps you with the Noble Armor Quest.
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Player: hi
Hoggle: Welcome to my humble home!
Player: job
Hoggle: I am just a poor fisherman.
Player: fisherman
Hoggle: It's a very hard job, cause without a boat I have to swim and fish at the same time!
Player: fish
Hoggle: I think they can talk, but they are wise enough to be silent. Once I saw a mermaid.
Player: mermaid
Hoggle: I saw one! She had the body of a fish, and also the head of a fish. Amazing!
Player: mountain
Hoggle: Yes, there is a mountain to the north, but it's of no interest. There isn't any fish on it.
Player: map
Hoggle: If you go north-west you will find Lubo and his adventurer shop. I think he sells maps.
Player: name
Hoggle: I am Hoggle. I live in this house.
Player: time
Hoggle: No, it's not time now to go fishing.
Player: stupid
Hoggle: My mom always said, stupid is who stupid does.
Player: Carlin
Hoggle: There are stories about a city behind the mountain, but why should I go there? There is enough fish here.
Player: Thais
Hoggle: I know this city. Sometimes I sell fish to Frodo.
Player: Frodo
Hoggle: He buys my fish.
Player: garden
Hoggle: I tried to breed fish in my garden but to no avail.
Player: secret
Hoggle: Can you keep a secret? I think fish can't breath on land!
Player: food
Hoggle: If you are hungry you can go downstairs, perhaps you will find some fish. You can also take some shoes if you want.
Player: boat
Hoggle: My boat sunk. I thought it would be more aerodynamic with holes in it.
Player: finger
Hoggle: No, fish don't have fingers.
Player: pet name
Hoggle: Once there was a magician who named all his creatures like their species read backward.
Player: bye
Hoggle: Good bye.