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8.1 (December 11, 2007)
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Hoaxette NPC Hoaxette

Location: Walking between Temple Street, Main Street and Farm Lane in Thais during the month of April.
Occupation: Jester
Sound(s): "It's the prank month! Yeeehaw!", "Got all six parts of a jester doll? Bring them to me!", "Surprise your friends with my... funny stuff. Ehehe."
Notes: A special event NPC that was introduced April 1, 2008 as an annual event. She also changes in Jester Doll parts for a Jester Doll.
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To Make a Jester Doll

You need all six parts to be able to change them in for a Jester Doll. Kill Undead Jesters during raids. They may drop the parts you need:


(player): Jester Doll
Hoaxette: Oh! <giggles> Have you found all six parts of a jester doll and would like to assemble them?
(player): Yes

Hoaxette: Goodie! Here you are! <giggles>
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Items traded:
Item Price (gp)
Present (Explosive) 199
Spellwand 299
Yellow Pillow (Supersoft) 299
Buys: Nothing.

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