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This spell is in the Support Spells class.
8.4 (December 10, 2008)
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Heal Party Heal Party
Spell Class: Instant Support Spells
Spell Words: utura mas sio
Exp Level: 32+
Cooldown Period: 2 seconds (shares with the 2s group)
Premium: Yes
Used by: Druids
(requires variable mana)
Spell cost: 4000 gp.
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationDruids
Liberty Bay--
Port Hope--
Effect: The Heal Party spell will increase the regeneration speed of players on his party to 20 hit points every 2 seconds for a period of 2 minutes.
Notes: The needed mana to cast this spell depends on the amount of party members that will be affected. mana cost = (0.9^{X-1} * 120) * X (X = total party members within range, including yourself). Every party member that gets effected will receive 20 hitpoints each 2 seconds for 2 minutes, totaling up 1200 hitpoints.

Party members Mana needed
2 216
3 291
4 350
5 394
6 426
7 447
8 460
9 465
10 465

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