Player: hail general
Harkath Bloodblade: Salutations, commoner Player!
Player: how are you
Harkath Bloodblade: I'm in perfect condition.
Player: news
Harkath Bloodblade: No news are good news.
Player: enemy
Harkath Bloodblade: Evil has many faces. The servants of evil cannot always be recognized as easily as Ferumbras, for instance.
Player: general
Harkath Bloodblade: It's my duty to lead the armed forces of our beloved city into battle against our enemies.
Player: king
Player: leader
Harkath Bloodblade: King Tibianus III is our wise and just leader.
Player: god
Harkath Bloodblade: I whorship Banor, the first warrior!
Player: job
Harkath Bloodblade: I am the general of the king's army.
Player: mission or quest
Harkath Bloodblade: Sometimes the king calls for heroes. Keep eyes and ears open! I also heared Baxter has some work for young adventurers.
Player: sell
Harkath Bloodblade: Are you suggesting I am corruptible?
Player: secret police
Harkath Bloodblade: The secret police is a branch of the Red Guards, better known as TBI.
Player: TBI
Harkath Bloodblade: The Tibian Bureau of Investigation. Kind of secret police. I don't bother much about such things, I prefer my fights eye to eye.
Player: armor or weapon
Harkath Bloodblade: Sam is responsible to supply our troops with weapons and armor.
Player: castle
Harkath Bloodblade: The castle is prepared to withstand any direct assault.
Player: city
Harkath Bloodblade: The rapid growth of the city makes it hard to patrol and vulnerable to attacks.
Player: monsters
Harkath Bloodblade: They seldom dare to attack the city itself.
Player: Excalibug
Harkath Bloodblade: In the legends it is told, that this weapon made its wielder able to fight the mightiest demons hand to hand.
Player: Ferumbras
Harkath Bloodblade: He is allied with evil itself! Each time we kill him he returns to take revenge.
Player: Banor
Harkath Bloodblade: He is the idol of all knights and paladins.
Player: Zathroth
Harkath Bloodblade: Don't mention the dark one!
Player: Benjamin
Harkath Bloodblade: He was the king's general before I was promoted. Poor guy, lost his mind in a battle against the evil Ferumbras.
Player: Bozo
Harkath Bloodblade: I hardly know him.
Player: Chester
Harkath Bloodblade: I don't know much about him. He is a very secretive person.
Player: Eclesius
Harkath Bloodblade: I rarely see him. Been a long time since I last met him. Player: Elane
Harkath Bloodblade: AH! WHAT A WOMAN!
Player: Gorn
Harkath Bloodblade: He was an adventurer once. He was a fine fighter but lacked the discipline to serve in our army.
Player: Harsky or Stutch
Harkath Bloodblade: He is one of our best men and serves in the silver guard.
Player: Samuel
Harkath Bloodblade: Sam is responsible to supply our troops with weapons and armor.
Player: army or guard
Harkath Bloodblade: The army protects our city. I divided it into three battlegroups.
Player: battlegroup
Harkath Bloodblade: The battlegroups are the 'dogs of war', the 'red guards', and the 'silver guards'.
Player: dogs of war
Harkath Bloodblade: They are our main army.
Player: red guards
Harkath Bloodblade: They are our special forces. Some serve as city guards, others as secret police.
Player: silver guards
Harkath Bloodblade: The best sorcerers, paladins, knights, and druids of our forces are chosen to serve as silver guards. They are the bodyguards of the king.
Player: join army
Harkath Bloodblade: Sorry, we don't recruit today. Perhaps you can join later if you have fulfilled a mission for the king.
Player: sell
Harkath Bloodblade: Are you suggesting I am bribable?
Player: yes
Harkath Bloodblade: Take this!
(You loose 10 hp every turn for 10 turns, 100hp in total)

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