The Halls of Hope is a temple located north of Thais, here. It was implemented in the Winter Update 2016.

Unfinished state

Initially the temple will be in an unfinished state. By progressing in the Forgotten Knowledge Quest it can be finished. In this state it will contain: Ruined Columns, Overgrown Monuments, Empty Waterway, Plant Tub, Empty Ruined Plant Tub and an Imbuing Shrine.

Finished state

When the temple is finished rebuilding, it will contain six coloured portals.

Furthermore there is a seventh teleporter, an Energy Gate leading to the Astral Shaper Boss Dungeon, here.


Halls of Hope NPCs (2 NPCs)
AlbiniusAlbiniusClairvoyantThe Halls of Hope, north of Thais.
IvalisseIvalisseClericThe Halls of Hope, north of Thais