Player: hi
Hagor: Greetings, adventurer Player. What leads you to me?
Player: door
Hagor: Which door are you talking about? If it is locked, maybe you should try to find a key for it!
Player: book
Hagor: Yes, I really can recommend reading books. It might help you find what you are looking for!
Player: job
Hagor: I travel through the lands of Tibia and now Jakundaf Desert since years.
Player: king
Hagor: Tibianus is our king. To be honest, I didn't hear much of him till now.
Player: library
Hagor: There is a library in here, right. I assume you are talking about this library. It's locked, as far as I know. But somewhere there has to be a key... maybe the librarian knows more?
Player: name
Hagor: My name is Hagor, the old hunter.
Player: offer
Hagor: Go ahead. I don't sell or buy anything!
Player: secret
Hagor: There are many secrets. But I fear, I can't tell you much about them. They are also secret to me...
Player: Tibia
Hagor: The gods made this world full of fascinating secrets and I will search them till my end.
Player: weapon
Hagor: Weapons? Do you have some? You better know how to use them!
Player: sword
Hagor: Do you mean any sword in particular? Or just any sword?
Player: treasure
Hagor: Someone told me - I can't remember who it was - that there was a treasure hidden nearby.
Player: Excalibug
Hagor: I heared rumours that there is a sword called so. I don't know if it exists.
Player: Carlin
Hagor: Is this the city to the north? I heard rumours about it.
Player: Desert
Hagor: Yes, it's big, isn't it?
Player: Morrin
Hagor: Ah, I remember that man. We made a deal, guess about what.
Player: bye
Hagor: Good bye.

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