Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Darashia
Position 129.201, 126.180, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Weapon Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version 6.61-6.97
June 14, 2002
Status Active
You see Habdel.
NPC Bubble D


    In the central market in Darashia


    He sells weapons that are as lethal as the bite of the desert lion and as quick as the sandwasp.

    Trade Details


    Item   Value
    Axe Weapons Axe7
    Battle Axe Weapons Axe80
    Battle Hammer Weapons Axe120
    Bone Club Weapons Axe5
    Bone Sword Weapons Axe20
    Carlin Sword Weapons Axe118
    Club Weapons Axe1
    Crowbar Tools and other Equipment Golden Key50
    Dagger Weapons Axe2
    Double Axe Weapons Axe260
    Fire Sword Weapons Axe1000
    Halberd Weapons Axe400
    Hand Axe Weapons Axe4
    Hatchet Weapons Axe25
    Katana Weapons Axe35
    Longsword Weapons Axe51
    Mace Weapons Axe30
    Morning Star Weapons Axe100
    Orcish Axe Weapons Axe350
    Rapier Weapons Axe5
    Sabre Weapons Axe12
    Short Sword Weapons Axe10
    Sickle Weapons Axe3
    Small Axe Tools and other Equipment Golden Key5
    Spike Sword Weapons Axe240
    Studded Club Weapons Axe10
    Swampling Club Weapons Axe40
    Sword Weapons Axe25
    Throwing Knife Weapons Axe2
    Two Handed Sword Weapons Axe450
    War Hammer Weapons Axe470


    Item   Value
    Axe Weapons Axe20
    Battle Axe Weapons Axe235
    Battle Hammer Weapons Axe350
    Bone Sword Weapons Axe75
    Carlin Sword Weapons Axe473
    Club Weapons Axe5
    Crowbar Tools and other Equipment Golden Key260
    Dagger Weapons Axe5
    Hand Axe Weapons Axe8
    Longsword Weapons Axe160
    Mace Weapons Axe90
    Morning Star Weapons Axe430
    Rapier Weapons Axe15
    Sabre Weapons Axe35
    Short Sword Weapons Axe26
    Sickle Weapons Axe7
    Spike Sword Weapons Axe8000
    Sword Weapons Axe85
    Throwing Knife Weapons Axe25
    Throwing Star Weapons Axe42
    Two Handed Sword Weapons Axe950
    War Hammer Weapons Axe10000

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