Player: hi
Gregor: Welcome home, Knight Player!
Player: job
Gregor: I am the first knight. I trained some of the greatest heroes of Tibia.
Player: heroes
Gregor: Of course, you heard of them. Knights are the best fighters in Tibia.
Player: king
Gregor: Hail to our King!
Player: name
Gregor: You are joking, eh? Of course, you know me. I am Gregor, the first knight.
Player: Gregor
Gregor: A great name, isn't it?
Player: spell
Gregor: I have spells for all magic levels up to level 3. In what level do you want to learn a spell?
Player: Tibia
Gregor: Beautiful Tibia. And with our help everyone is save.
Player: time
Gregor: It is time to join the Knights!
Player: knights
Gregor: Knights are the warriors of Tibia. Without us, no one would be safe. Every brave and strong man or woman can join us.
Player: Bozo
Gregor: Some day someone will make something happen to him...
Player: Elane
Gregor: A bow might be a fine weapon for someone not strong enough to wield a REAL weapon.
Player: Frodo
Gregor: I and my students often share a cask of beer or wine at Frodo's hut.
Player: Gorn
Gregor: Always concerned with his profit. What a loss! He was adventuring with baxter in the old days.
Player: Baxter
Gregor: He was an adventurer once.
Player: Lynda
Gregor: Before she became a priest she won the Miss Tibia contest three times in a row.
Player: McRonald
Gregor: Peaceful farmers.
Player: Ferumbras
Gregor: A fine game to hunt. But be careful, he cheats!
Player: Muriel
Gregor: Bah, go away with these sorcerer tricks. Only cowards use tricks.
Player: Oswald
Gregor: What an idiot.
Player: Quentin
Gregor: I will never understand this peaceful monks and priests.
Player: Sam
Gregor: He has the muscles, but lacks the guts.
Player: Tibianus
Gregor: Hail to our King!
Player: bye
Gregor: Be careful on your journeys.

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