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Greenshore is a small community to the north of Thais. A peninsula with a mountain pass into it, it is very quiet and safe at the surface with a small number of lesser creatures. The main sights to see in Greenshore are The Tibianic as well as the expensive Greenshore Villa. Near the mountain pass, there is a hole leading to the main Thais dungeon filled with many Orcs, Orc Spearmen, and Orc Warriors. Many huge events take place there, due to the "presence" of the Tibianic.

Map of Greenshore

  1. The Tibianic
  2. Crop fields
  3. Town center
  4. The way to Thais

Greenshore NPCs (3 NPCs)

Name   Job Buy/Sell Location
Ulrik Ulrik Smith yes Greenshore village
Tokel Tokel Farmer yes Greenshore village.
Valentina Valentina Shopkeeper yes Greenshore village.


Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Chicken Chicken 0 15 220/220
Sheep Sheep 0 20 250/250
Seagull Seagull 0 25 250/250
  • This creature drops no loot.
Deer Deer 0 25 260/260
Rat Rat 5 20 200/200
Snake Snake 10 15 205/--
  • This creature drops no loot.
Cave Rat Cave Rat 10 30 250/250
Spider Spider 12 20 210/210
Wolf Wolf 18 25 255/255
Bug Bug 18 29 250/250
Poison Spider Poison Spider 22 26 270/--
Rotworm Rotworm 40 65 --/305

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Insectoid Scout Insectoid Scout 150 230 --/--

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