Property Value
Combat Properties
Defense 38
General Properties
Name Great Shield
Item ID 3422
Classification Shields
Weight 84.00 oz.
Trade Properties
Value 70,000,000 - 120,000,000 gp
Sold for 480 gp
Bought for (not sold by NPCs)
Other Properties
Imbuing slots 1
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Great Shield
You see a great shield (Def:38).
It weighs 84.00 oz.
The shield is made of dragon scales.


This is the third best shield. It may be seen on Emperor Kruzak's Treasure Room, in Kazordoon, and also in the Maze of Lost Soul's treasure. It's part of the Full Set. Now this shield is dropped by Massacre, the Juggernaut boss as well as Ferumbras, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth. The guild Division of Honour (from Guardia) looted the shield in a Pits of Inferno Quest service. There is one on Premia, but it is most commonly found on old servers such as Antica due to the amount of time between it's initial availability and the other servers creation.


Great Shield (old)

The Great Shield has existed since nearly the beginning of Tibia when the only server was called Tibia, which is now present day Antica. It's known that the first Great Shield was owned by Cressir on Antica. Dragon Lords for a short time dropped Great Shields. Looting this was harder than looting a Dragon Scale Mail. Back in that times there was only three Dragon Lord spawns, the one in the Plains of Havoc, the one in Thais, and the one in Deeper Fibula. Also Dragon Lords were the hardest monster back then, and the highest levels were around 50. The value and high defence of the shield was deemed too much, even as a rare loot, so it was soon removed from Dragon Lords.

There are still many rumours concerning the origin of the Great Shield. The fact is that many are on Antica and a few others are scattered about other servers.

When the demon, Orshabaal invaded Edron some claimed that at times he dropped the Great Shield upon death. If this is true then it is a rare drop.

Now it can be found in more worlds, since was looted by some bosses around Tibia. This shield can be dropped by Massacre, the Juggernaut boss as well as Ferumbras, Ghazbaran and Morgaroth.

Trade Details

Buy From

Players only.

Sell To

NPC City Value
in gp

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