Gray Beach is a small city on the island of Quirefang that was implemented at the Winter Update 2011. It is located in the eastern seas east of Zao in line with the Dragonblaze Peaks, here. The only known way to access Gray Beach is by first traveling to Gray Island from Ab'Dendriel, Edron, Venore, or Darashia (for 150 gp) and going through the hole there.

There are no buildings but an underground depot and temple. All the NPCs on the ground level can tell you about the two races on the island, the Deeplings and the Hive Born, and will ask you for help. There is only one trader NPC up one level who buys and sells many different things. There are no houses. The machine named Eighty, inside the depot, acts as a bank.

Hunting Places

Gray Beach has two primary hunting places and creatures in those places: the Hive Born which occupy the Hive to the north and the Deeplings which occupy Fiehonja below ground to the south-east.


Gray Beach NPCs (8 NPCs)
Alternative RockAlternative RockGuardSouth on Gray Beach
EightyEightyBankerGray Beach Depot
NavigatorNavigatorMonarchFiehonja, in his room accessed only via the giant Golden Anchor.
Old Rock BoyOld Rock BoyTribe LeaderSouthern Gray Beach
OrockleOrockleGuardSouth-western Gray Beach
Rock In A Hard PlaceRock In A Hard PlaceGuardCentral Gray Beach, on a mountain
Rock SteadyRock SteadyGuardSouthern Gray Beach
Rock With A Soft SpotRock With A Soft SpotClericGray Beach temple


Hive Born Area (north, ground level)

Deepling Area (south, underground)
Deepling GuardDeepling Guard21001900
Deepling SpellsingerDeepling Spellsinger1000850
Deepling WarriorDeepling Warrior15001600
Deepling WorkerDeepling Worker130190
Fish (Creature)Fish (Creature)025
Manta RayManta Ray125680
Northern Pike (Creature)Northern Pike (Creature)095
  • This creature drops no loot.


Gray Beach Quests
NameMin LevelRec LevelPremLocationReward
Liquid Black Quest0130+Gray Beach, Fiehonja, Edron.Deepling Outfit and addons, access to deeper parts of Fiehonja including Manta Rays and Deepling Guardians, a few random items such as: True Heart of the Sea, 10 Platinum Coins, Necklace of the Deep, Deepling Backpack, Heavy Trident, Deepling Staff and others, achievements Gem Cutter, Navigational Error, Spolium Profundis and contribution to the achievements Invader of the Deep, Death Song, Depth Dwellers, Guardian Downfall.
War Against the Hive Quest0150+Gray Beach, QuirefangExperience, 21 Achievements (58 total points), Insectoid Outfits and addons Outfit Insectoid Male Addon 3 Outfit Insectoid Female Addon 3

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