The Goroma Dragon Lairs are situated under the volcano of Goroma. Here you will have the opportunity to fight Fire Elementals, Fire Devils, Dragons and Dragon Lords. You can also find a few Lavaholes in this area.

Hunting Strategies

Any vocation should be experienced in hunting strong monsters. If you go in a party it is adviced to have an Elite Knight to block it all for a MS ED or RP. You can also take a good mage who can block creatures like Dragons.

As usual druids and sorcerers will use Ice Strikes, Avalanches or Icicles. Paladins can use Divine Missile, Power Bolts, Onyx Arrows or even Enchanted- or Royal Spears. Knights just take Mana Potions and Health Potions in case you need them.

Dragons are skinnable so a useful tool to have would be an Obsidian Knife to obtain red and green dragon leathers. Also for low level Mages and Paladins it is advisable to use Magic Shield in case the dragon retargets. Knights should also remember to use Challenge to avoid the monsters retargeting on other members of their team.

This place is also very suitable to hunt solo for e.g. knights from level 80 or higher.


There are two ways to reach the lairs. Either enter the path via the volcano then walk east instead of west (Ramoa) or you go via Ramoa to exactly the same location and take the right path.

Fire DevilFire Devil145200
Fire ElementalFire Elemental220280
  • This creature drops no loot.
Dragon LordDragon Lord21001900

There are ~10 Fire Devils, ~25 Fire Elementals, ~25 Dragons and ~5 Dragon Lords.


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