Golgordan and Latrivan are quite atypical for the demon race. They seem to share a very special kinship, unheard of in demon lore, since they were born. Working as one unit, they quickly rose in the ranks of the Ruthless Seven's minions. As long as they worked together they were able to accomplish magical feats and were of immense value. With growing powers, their envy towards each other grew, too. Soon the success story of the demon brothers came to a halt as their continuing quarrels prevented them from using their special powers. Of course each of them blamed his brother for his misfortune. Today, both work hand in hand if need arises and both are competent sorcerers even though they lack the physical skills of most of their opponents. Though they feel no love for each other, the brothers are more or less united as soon as an enemy turns up. They are well aware that their true strength can only unfold if they work together. They also know that other powerful demons are greedily looking at their rank. Since the brothers would grant other demons not even a corn of dirt, they continue to work together out of sheer malignity. Their fabulous skills in casting spells and understanding magic made them to magical advisers of the Ruthless Seven. Their masters provided them the opportunity to realise costly and cruel experiments. A piece of luck as both demons prefer to continue their sinister studies to any battle. The Ruthless Seven mostly engage the demonic brothers to organise and supervise operations, something the brothers are very good at - as long as they don't start fighting each other. They was introduced in Summer Update 2008.

Golgordan and Latrivan

See also: The Ruthless Seven Minions

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