Property Value
Aliases Rookgaard Goblin Quest/Temple of Cheese Quest
Est. Length 5-10 minutes
Level 0
(6 recommended)
Classification Quest
Version Unknown.
Status Active




Rookgaard Goblin Temple


50 gp, 4 Snowballs, 5 Small Stones, Sandals, Pan and a Vial of Milk.

Required Equipment


  • Assuming you have a shovel, go to Rookgaard's premium troll cave (here). Once you are down, follow the map.

Goblin Temple Quest Map 1

  • Once there, head straight south, you'll run into trolls and orcs before the bridge, once at the bridge, hurry across, the goblins will shoot you with stones. Once across you'll see a staircase going down, down there are goblins (note they can melee you as well as throw stones), kill them or just run, then follow the map again. Once you go down you will face 3 goblins and on the northern side there will be 3 other goblins trapped which you can only kill with spears or with Small Stones.

Goblin Temple Quest Map 2

Note: Before the Winter Update 2007, the pan could be traded with Billy for an antidote rune, now he gives you a Small Health Potion.

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