Ghost NPCs (13 NPCs)
A Dwarven GhostA Dwarven GhostUnknown OccupationGrothmok tunnels in the Dwarf Mines.
A Fading MemoryA Fading MemoryUnknown OccupationVengoth, high in the northern tower.
A Ghostly GuardianA Ghostly GuardianGuardIn the Dream Realm under the Plains of Havoc
A Ghostly KnightA Ghostly KnightGuardLeverroom in the Pits of Inferno under the Plains of Havoc.
A Ghostly SageA Ghostly SageSageIn the Pits of Inferno under the Plains of Havoc.
A Restless SoulA Restless SoulUnknown OccupationFormorgar Mines, second floor
A Wandering SoulA Wandering SoulUnknown OccupationNorth-western Vengoth
Cranky Lizard CroneCranky Lizard CroneFishermanSouleater Mountains.
Ghost CaptainGhost CaptainShip CaptainGhostship during A Pirate's Death to Me, deep below the Thais lighthouse.
A Ghostly Woman (Dream Realm)A Ghostly Woman (Dream Realm)Unknown OccupationIn the Dream Realm under the Plains of Havoc.
RiddlerRiddlerNecromancerNear the top of the Paradox Tower.
RosemarieRosemarieCaretakerSouth-west of Port Hope.
ZarifanZarifanUnknown OccupationSouthern Drefia 4 levels down

See also: Apparition NPCs

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