Player: hi
Gamel: Pssst! Be silent. Do you wish to buy something?
Player: job
Gamel: I am selling some... things.
Player: name
Gamel: Names don't matter.
Player: offer, buy, sell
Gamel: I sell maces, staffs, daggers and brass helmets. Ask me for a trade.
Player: Gamel
Gamel: Oh, you know my name. Please don't tell it to the others.
Player: Magic Crystal
Gamel: Did you bring me a magic crystal?
Player: yes
(If you don't) Gamel: You fool! You don't have the crystal! (You get Poisoned)
Player: rebellion
Gamel: Uhm... who sent you?
Player: bye
Gamel: Bye. Tell others about... my little shop here.

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