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This Object is in the Teleporters class.
10.1 (July 17, 2013)
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Fury Gate Fury Gate
Attributes: Fury Gates will teleport promoted players with level 60 or higher to the Fury Dungeon. From Update 10.56 on, you need to be premium for this to work.
Walking Time: The same as the tile under it
Location: Just outside the city limits of most towns; see Fury Dungeon.
Notes: These gates used to provide Free Account players the opportunity to hunt some monsters that are otherwise only found in premium areas, but not anymore since Update 10.56.

Gate locations:

Carlin south-west
Ab'Dendriel south-east
Kazordoon south
Thais north-west
Venore west
Edron south
Darashia north-east
Ankrahmun east
Port Hope north-west
Liberty Bay north

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