Furniture items are generally used to furnish or decorate a House or Guildhall. They can be purchased from the Furniture Shopkeeper NPCs found in each town and from the Store.

Some furniture items (e.g. tables and chairs) come in a furniture package which contains a construction kit for the item. right click on a furniture package and choose "unwrap" for it to turn into the actual item. to put the item back in it's package, right click on the item and choose "Wrap".


Name Vol Weight Buy From
Alchemistic Cabinet Alchemistic Cabinet 8 --
Alchemistic Chair Alchemistic Chair --
Alchemistic Table Alchemistic Table --
Armor Rack Armor Rack 20 --
Artist's Easel Artist's Easel 16.00 --
Artist's Easel (with Canvas) Artist's Easel (with Canvas) 16.00 --
Baby Dragon Baby Dragon --
Bamboo Drawer Bamboo Drawer 6 --
Bamboo Shelf Bamboo Shelf 6 --
Bamboo Table Bamboo Table --
Big Table Big Table --
Bookcase Bookcase 6 --
Bookcase (Ab'Dendriel) Bookcase (Ab'Dendriel) 6 --
Bookcase (Venore) Bookcase (Venore) 6 --
Cabinet Cabinet 8 --
Cabinet (Venorean) Cabinet (Venorean) 8 --
Cake Cabinet Cake Cabinet 10 --
Carved Stone Table Carved Stone Table --
Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers 10 --
Chimney Chimney --
Chimney (Lit) Chimney (Lit)
Christmas Tree Package Christmas Tree Package 35.00 Messenger of Santa
Crystal Pedestal Crystal Pedestal 40.00 --
Crystal Table Crystal Table --
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock 8.00 Dorbin, Eddy, Edvard, Feizuhl, Gamon, Hofech, Iwar, Janz, Nicholas, Nydala, Peggy, Shiantis, Ukea, Vera, Yoem
Dark Parquet Dark Parquet --
Dragon Statue (Item) Dragon Statue (Item) --
Dragon Throne Dragon Throne --
Drawer Drawer 8 --
Dresser Dresser 10 --
Empty Flower Pot Empty Flower Pot 1.50 Nelliem
Ferocious Cabinet Ferocious Cabinet 8 --
Ferocious Chair Ferocious Chair --
Ferocious Table Ferocious Table --
Ferocious Trunk Ferocious Trunk 8 --
Ferumbras Bust Ferumbras Bust --
Folded Rift Carpet Folded Rift Carpet 10.00 --
Globe Globe --
Goblin Statue Goblin Statue --
Green Cushioned Chair Green Cushioned Chair --
Hamster in a Wheel Hamster in a Wheel --
Hrodmiran Weapons Rack Hrodmiran Weapons Rack --
Ivory Chair Ivory Chair --
Jade Chair Jade Chair
Kidney Table Kidney Table --
Large Trunk Large Trunk 18 --
Light Parquet Light Parquet --
Lit Predator Lamp Lit Predator Lamp --
Lit Protectress Lamp Lit Protectress Lamp --
Lizard Weapon Rack Lizard Weapon Rack 25 --
Locker Locker 6 --
Magnificent Cabinet Magnificent Cabinet 8 --
Magnificent Chair Magnificent Chair --
Magnificent Table Magnificent Table --
Magnificent Trunk Magnificent Trunk 8 --
Mailbox (Furniture) Mailbox (Furniture) --
Marble Floor (Furniture) Marble Floor (Furniture) --
Ornamented Stone Table Ornamented Stone Table --
Ornate Mailbox Ornate Mailbox --
Oven Oven --
Oven (Lit) Oven (Lit)
Pendulum Clock Pendulum Clock --
Piled-up Stone Tiles Piled-up Stone Tiles --
Predator Lamp Predator Lamp --
Protectress Lamp Protectress Lamp --
Red Cushioned Chair Red Cushioned Chair --
Rocking Chair Rocking Chair --
Rocking Horse Rocking Horse --
Rolled-up Azure Carpet Rolled-up Azure Carpet --
Rolled-up Bamboo Mat Rolled-up Bamboo Mat --
Rolled-up Crimson Carpet Rolled-up Crimson Carpet --
Rolled-up Emerald Carpet Rolled-up Emerald Carpet --
Rolled-up Mystic Carpet Rolled-up Mystic Carpet --
Rolled-up Shaggy Carpet Rolled-up Shaggy Carpet --
Rolled-up Verdant Carpet Rolled-up Verdant Carpet --
Rolled-up White Fur Carpet Rolled-up White Fur Carpet --
Rolled-up Wooden Planks Rolled-up Wooden Planks --
Rolled-up Yalaharian Carpet Rolled-up Yalaharian Carpet --
Rustic Cabinet Rustic Cabinet --
Rustic Chair Rustic Chair --
Rustic Table Rustic Table --
Rustic Trunk Rustic Trunk --
Small Bamboo Shelf Small Bamboo Shelf 6 --
Small Golden Taboret Small Golden Taboret --
Small Round Table Small Round Table --
Small Table Small Table --
Small Trunk Small Trunk --
Snowman Package Snowman Package 35.00 --
Sofa Chair Sofa Chair --
Square Table Square Table --
Stool Stool --
Taboret Taboret --
Thick Trunk Thick Trunk --
Timber Chair Timber Chair --
Trophy Stand Trophy Stand 9.70 Dorbin, Hofech, Iwar, Janz, Nicholas, Nydala, Peggy, Ukea, Vera, Yoem, Yulas
Trough Trough --
Tusk Chair Tusk Chair --
Tusk Table Tusk Table --
Vengothic Cabinet Vengothic Cabinet --
Vengothic Chair Vengothic Chair --
Vengothic Chest Vengothic Chest --
Vengothic Lamp Vengothic Lamp --
Vengothic Table Vengothic Table --
Venorean Chair Venorean Chair --
Venorean Stool Venorean Stool --
Venorean Table Clock Venorean Table Clock --
Verdant Cabinet Verdant Cabinet --
Verdant Chair Verdant Chair --
Verdant Table Verdant Table --
Verdant Trunk Verdant Trunk --
Wardrobe (Venorean) Wardrobe (Venorean) 10 --
Weapon Rack Weapon Rack 20 --
Wooden Chair Wooden Chair --
Wooden Trunk Wooden Trunk --