The Formorgar Glacier is a glacier that extends from Hrodmir until the southern Norsir settlements. There are lots of ice elementals in the peaks. Deeper inside the glacier, in an abandoned mine, it has been said that the Cult is trying to melt the ice in there to revive demons that had been frozen during the great winter that occurred in Hrodmir.

Hunting places on the formorgar glacier are:


Monsters on Formorgar Glacier
Silver RabbitSilver Rabbit015
Winter WolfWinter Wolf2030
Frost TrollFrost Troll2355
Polar BearPolar Bear2885
Frost GiantFrost Giant150270
Frost GiantessFrost Giantess150275
Ice GolemIce Golem295385
Ice WitchIce Witch580650
Crystal SpiderCrystal Spider9001250

Boss Creatures

Dire PenguinDire Penguin119173
Man in the CaveMan in the Cave777485

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