Food Shopkeepers sell different kinds of fruits, vegetables, meat, and drinks. Some NPCs only sell specific types of food, but others have a much wider selection.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Alissa Alissa Food Shopkeeper Meluna
Anerui Anerui Hunter
Food Shopkeeper
Ab'Dendriel food shop in Underwood
Bonifacius Bonifacius Food Shopkeeper Edron, located in the small shop to the west of the bank in the castle, north of the Depot entrance.
Brasith Brasith Food Shopkeeper Northern Ab'Dendriel, on Mangrove Street.
Christine Christine Food Shopkeeper Upper Rathleton, Grand Opera Café
Imalas Imalas Food Shopkeeper Carlin in the Central Plaza, south of the Depot
Jezzara Jezzara Food Shopkeeper North of the Ankrahmun Depot, up one level.
Lector Lector Food Shopkeeper Carlin, south-east of Depot on Theater Avenue.
Livielle Livielle Food Shopkeeper North Venore, east of the boat at Crunor's Finest Warehouse.
Mugluf Mugluf Food Shopkeeper Darashia marketplace.
Omur Omur Food Shopkeeper Darashia marketplace.
Richard Richard Equipment Shopkeeper
Food Shopkeeper
Dawnport, Adventurer's Outpost.
Rodney Rodney Food Shopkeeper North Venore, east of the boat.
Satsu Satsu Food Shopkeeper North on Meluna, at her beach store.
Serafin Serafin Food Shopkeeper Inner City, near the entrance to the Sunken Quarter.
Soilance Soilance Food Shopkeeper Inner City, north of bank.
Tanaro Tanaro Food Shopkeeper Meluna.

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