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This creature is a boss in the Special class, Event Creatures /Canines subclass.
7.92 (January 8, 2007)
See also: Creatures
Fluffy Fluffy
4500 Hit points
3550 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-200), Distance Fire attack (0-200), Poisonball (0-350), Fire Wave (0-?), Poison Wave (0-?).
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: 750 hp per turn
Immune To: Invisibility.
Strong To:
Neutral To: Physical?, Holy?, Death?, Fire?, Energy?, Ice?, Earth?, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To:
Sounds: "Wooof!".
Behavior: He doesn't run in low hp.
Field Notes: Weaker version of a Hellhound. Usually there's 1 red surprise bag and 0-4 blue surprise bags in the loot.
Location: Appeared in a raid on Darashia during Tibia's 10th Anniversary, along with Undead Minions, Bones and Minishabaal.
Strategy: Keep yourself diagonal from it to avoid the waves and shoot him with ammunition or runes.
0-109 gp, Bone, 0-8 Ham, 0-4 Surprise Bag (Blue), Surprise Bag (Red), Demonic Essence, Concentrated Demonic Blood, Knight Axe, Soul Orb, Spike Sword. (Create loot statistics)
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