Flower Hut

The Flower Month (June), also known as the Month of Flowers, is a month where Rosemarie comes to her home in Tiquanda and you can trade seeds with her to get a Flower Pot. If you take good care of your Flower Pot, a flower will start to grow in it, which can be used as decoration (for e.g. your house or guildhall).

During the flower month special raids occurs, where Dryads spawn, which drop the seeds needed for the flower pots and also other nice items.

The mini world change called Thawing Mini World Change is related to this event. You can harvest Ice Flower Seeds which can be used to preserve full grown plants (gained from this flower month event) or can be used to plant in an Empty Flower Pot to get an ice flower.

Related NPCs
RosemarieRosemarieCaretakerSouth-west of Port Hope.

Related Creatures

Related Items
Name Attributes Weight (oz) Dropped By
Seeds Seeds Stackable 0.50
Ice Flower Seeds Ice Flower Seeds Stackable 0.50
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Empty Flower Pot Empty Flower Pot 1.50
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Flower Pot Flower Pot 1.50
  • This item is not dropped by any creatures.
Flower Dress Flower Dress Arm: 0 19.00
Flower Wreath Flower Wreath Arm: 0 5.00
Leaf Legs Leaf Legs Arm: 0 12.00
Coconut Shoes Coconut Shoes Arm: 0 6.00


When this event started the first time, in 2008, an article was published on Since then every year an announcement is made.

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