Fishermen use their fishing skills to make a living. They generally live near lakes, streams or even the ocean, and usually hold a lot of information about sea creatures and the art of fishing.

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
Bruno Bruno Fisherman On the marketplace of Northport
Buddel Buddel Ferryman
South of Svargrond, Tyrsung (here), Okolnir (here), Barbarian Settlements (here) and Helheim (here).
Cranky Lizard Crone Cranky Lizard Crone Fisherman Souleater Mountains.
Dalbrect Dalbrect Fisherman
Ship Captain
The port north and west of Carlin
Hoggle Hoggle Fisherman East of Thais.
Lunch Lunch Assistant
Robson's Isle, docks north of Junkar's steamship.
Mr Brandon Mr Brandon Fisherman
North-west of Rathleton
Pemaret Pemaret Fisherman
Ship Captain
Northern port of Cormaya by Cormaya Street.
Yawno Yawno Fisherman Lake Equivocolao
Yeo Yeo Fisherman Entrance of Rathleton, a little south of the Workshop Quarter

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