Property Value
Usage Properties
Words exevo flam hur
Element Fire
Mana 25
Cooldown 4 seconds
Group CD 2 seconds
Requirement Properties
Vocation Sorcerer
Level 18
Other Properties
Spell Group Attack Spells
Cost 850 gp
Version Unknown.
Status Active
Fire Wave
Fire Wave
exevo flam hur


Burned Icon Shoots a fire attack in the shape of a cone in the direction the caster is looking.


A useful spell because it has a big range of attack, even though it is quite weak, it can be spammed because of the low mana requirements. It causes approximately half the damage of a Great Fireball rune.

Fire wave1(after winter update 2007)


The graphic of this spell was changed in the 2007 winter update. It used to look like this:
Fire wave1

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