Property Value
Combat Properties
Health 185
Experience 90
Armor 6
Est. Max Dmg 34
Summon (not possible)
Convince ? mana
General Properties
Name Filth Toad
Classification Frogs
Spawn Type
Elemental Properties
Physical 100%
Holy 100%
Death 100%
Fire 110%
Energy 100%
Ice 80%
Earth 80%
Drown 100%
Life Drain 100%
Immunity Properties
Paralysable ?
Senses Invis. ?
Behavioural Properties
Walks around Energy
Walks through
Other Properties
Version 9.1
July 6, 2011
Status Active
Filth Toad
You see a filth toad.


The swamps, bogs and ponds of Tibia are not exactly known to be the cleanest of places. Of course you can also find a lot of frogs, snakes and toads in those areas - but none of them is as vicious as the Filth Toad. It is a creature attracted by extremely dirty waters and it is somewhat tougher than a normal toad. Filth Toads are generally very old and quite possibly they have already fought for their survival since several decades.

Appears around the lake at any time.


Melee (0-55+) poisons you 1 hp for 5 turns, Stalagmite (8-34), Haste.

Damage Taken From Elements

  • Physical
    Damage Icons
  • Holy
    Damage Icons
  • Death
    Damage Icons
  • Fire
    Damage Icons
  • Energy
    Damage Icons
  • Ice
    Damage Icons
  • Earth
    Damage Icons


Tiquanda, around Lake Equivocolao.


Same as a normal Toad.


Same as a normal Toad. Lower levels should stay away if they cannot outrun them.


(Loot Statistics)

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