Field Runes are a type of Attack Runes that are used to temporarily create a field or area of Fire, Poison, Energy, etc.

Fields last from 20 seconds to a few minutes depending on the type of rune. They can be very useful preventing monsters from reaching you.

Name Type NPC Price (gp) Weight (oz)
Energy Bomb Rune Energy Bomb Rune Field Runes 162 1.05
Energy Field Rune Energy Field Rune Field Runes 38 0.70
Energy Wall Rune Energy Wall Rune Field Runes 85 0.52
Fire Bomb Rune Fire Bomb Rune Field Runes 117 1.05
Fire Field Rune Fire Field Rune Field Runes 28 0.70
Fire Wall Rune Fire Wall Rune Field Runes 61 0.52
Poison Bomb Rune Poison Bomb Rune Field Runes 85 1.05
Poison Field Rune Poison Field Rune Field Runes 21 0.70
Poison Wall Rune Poison Wall Rune Field Runes 52 0.52
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