Fibula Village, Tower Flat

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This building is a part of the Thais Houses
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  Fibula Village, Tower Flat
Building Type: House
City: Thais
Location: Fibula, south west corner of the town here.
Street: Fibula Street
Size: 78 sqm
Number of Beds: 2
Monthly Rent: 5170 gp per month (66 gp per sqm)
Number of windows: 4
Number of Accessible Floors: 4
Number of Rooms: only floors
Notes: You can't see 3rd floor from outside. As the Red Rose guild member Lostboy built the island of Fibula, he built two houses for people. One for himself, on the island Calcanea that doesn't exist anymore, and this tower. It was built for the highest level back then (only Antica existed, called just Tibia back then), called Opa Wetterwachs, that was about level 65 when everyone else were maximum level 40.

This tower had also a basement where you had casks, that was removed long time ago. Lengend says that Opa summoned Dragons down there and killed them there. It's tought that the key to open this tower was the key 3923. This tower is known as Wetterwach's Tower by old players.


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