Thais has three main libraries inside the city, one of which is completely empty. Books can be found scattered around the city and in its immediate surroundings as well. The Island of Destiny, Fibula, Travora, the Ancient Temple, the Mad Mage Room, Mintwallin, and Mount Sternum also harbour some books.

Thais and surroundings

Royal Archives

All of these archives were written on behalf of king Tibianus I. They can be found to the southwest of King Tibianus' throneroom in the Rain Castle, up one level and north.

Royal Archives Map

Head east from the depot and then north at the crossroads. Take a left before the gates and keep going until you reach a bridge. Cross it and go NNE through some double doors, up those stairs and then southwest up another flight of stairs. Through the door to the north are the archives.

Royal Archives

These bookcases are EMPTY:
First, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth.

Second Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Archives - 960 p.g (Book)Book (Black)Rumours of a dungeon entrance at the Thais Graveyard

Third Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Execution Archives 900 - 950 p.g (Book)Book (Brown)Several sinners are executed.
Royal Execution Archives (Book)Book (Brown)
Royal Execution Archives (Book)Book (Brown)

Fifth Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Archives - 943 p.g (Book)Book (Black)The Thais Graveyard needs to be expanded.

Seventh Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Archives (Book)Book (Brown)This seems to be a code, e.g. "a sese ican" probably means "as I can see"

Tenth Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Archives - Inhabitants Log 900-950 p.g (Book)Book (Brown)A list of the inhabitants of Thais.

Eleventh Drawer
NameBook TypeShort Description
Royal Archives Criminal Offences 900-950 p.g (Book)Book (Brown)Criminals and their punishment

Sorcerer Library

This library is located in southwest Thais on the second floor of Muriel's Sorcerer Guild on Sorcerer's Avenue.
Lungelen is always doing research in the library.

Thais Sorcerer Library Map

Thais Sorcerer Library

These bookcases are EMPTY:
Second, Third, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Fifteenth.

First Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Demonic Army (Book)Book (Blue)Book (Grey)Principles behind demons entering our realm.

Fifth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Complete and Unabridged Story of the Three Wizards (Book)Book (Orange)Three wizard friends become rivals when trying to find out who's worthy of a particular woman's favour.

Seventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Fools From Beyond (Book)Book (Black)Book (Brown Thin)Explanation of Undead Jester Raids

Ninth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Shervad the Destroyer (Book)Book (Green)About Shervad the Destroyer.

Tenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Origin of Vampires (Book)Book (Fat Green)Book (Black)Book (Brown Thin)

Eleventh Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
The Seeds of Life (Book)Book (Orange)Book (Brown)Book (Black)Book (Brown Square)The story behind Dryad Raids

Fourteenth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
I, Vampire (Book)Book (Red)Book (Brown)Essay why Vampires are different than humans and are more fortunate than them

Other Books

NameBook TypeShort Description
8 Commandments (Book)Book (Brown)
20 Tricks (Book)Book (Brown Thin)
Accountancy (Book)Book (Brown)
Alistair Cropwell's Notes (Book)Book (Brown)A mighty city of fearsome beings and dark rituals is discovered.
A Piece of Cake I (Book)Book (Black)The first stage of the A Piece of Cake World Quest is explained.
A Pirate's Death to Me (Book)Book (Black)A guide to the A Pirate's Death to Me World Quest.
Imprisoned Cyclops (Book)Book (Brown)A man has imprisoned two cyclops.
Lovers Questionnaire (Book)Parchment (Questionnaire)Some matchmaker questions.
Maximal Farming (Book)Book (Brown)
Offline Training (Book)Large BookHow to train when offline.
On the Movement of Objects (Book)Book (Black)Theory about why objects move
Something Wrong in the Cesspool (Book)Book (Brown)
Tales of Tibia (Book)Book (Brown Square)
The Good Farmer (Book)Book (Brown)
Troll Bar (Book)Book (Black)The week's specials at the Troll Bar

Island of Destiny

Name Type Description
Adventurers' Guild (Book) Parchment (Yellow) The Adventurers' Guild bids you welcome.


Name Type Description
Book of Sermons (Book) Book (Black) Book of sermons


Name Type Description
Map of Travora (Book) Map (Colour) A map of Travora.

Ancient Temple

Name Type Description
Ancient Treasure (Book) Book (Brown)
Chronicle of the Orc Encampment (Book) Book (Brown)
Destroyed the Key (Book) Book (Brown)
Diary of Palkar (Book) Book (Black) Found in the camp of outcast minotaurs.
Dungeon Excavation (Book) Book (Brown) The diary of a minotaur as he and his followers excavate deep within the Ancient Temple.
First Dragon (Book) Blurred Transcript An adventurer achieves a breakthrough in his search for the first dragon.
Gygil's Last Words (Book) Book (Brown)
I Won't Manage to Climb up the Hole (Book) Book (Black) A man broke his legs upon falling through a hidden trapdoor.
Stolen the Key (Book) Book (Brown) The trolls stole the key to the ancient temple.

Mad Mage Room

Name Type Description
Alatar's World of Pure Magic (Book) Book (Brown)
Combine Magic Power with the Sword (Book) Book (Black)
Conjure Monsters That You Don't Need (Book) Book (Black)
Crypt of a Great Mage (Book) Book (Black)
Magic Fields and Walls (Book) Parchment
Perplexed and Purple (Book) Book (Black)
Strange Glyphs (Book) Wrinkled Parchment
Sudden Death Rune (Book) Scroll
The Riddle (Book) Book (Black) The book tells the story of four adventurers escaping from a horde of orcs.
Use a Bow Instead of Runes (Book) Book (Black)


There are a small number of places that books can be found in Mintwallin. First of all, there is a small library above Markwin in the throne room. There are three more bookcases in the room with Markwin. Some related books can be found in the caves just outside Mintwallin.

Mintwallin Library 1

The following bookcases are EMPTY:
First, Third.

Second Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Chronicle of Mintwallin I (Book)Book (Black){burnt out}
Chronicle of Mintwallin II (Book)Book (Black){burnt out}
Chronicle of Mintwallin III (Book)Book (Black)The mino's have been forced into the deep labyrinth by a fearsome Daemon; Palkar convinced his team to rebel and leave Markwin.

Mintwallin Library 2

The following bookcases are EMPTY:
First, Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth.

Second Bookcase contains unnamed and empty Book (Brown).

Fifth Bookcase
NameBook TypeShort Description
Chronicle of Mintwallin IV (Book)Book (Black)Even more civil war within the mintwallinian walls, the king has become fatally ill and a human has unravelled the secrets of the labyrinth that guards the city.

Tenth Book
NameBook TypeShort Description
Chronicle of Mintwallin V (Book)Book (Brown)The king of MOST minotaurs is steadily decending into a grave; some humans have somehow defeated the guardian of the labyrinth

Other Books

NameBook TypeShort Description
Reconstruction Plan (Book)ParchmentPlans to reconstruct a destroyed part of Mintwallin.

Mount Sternum

Name Type Description
How to Summon Black Demons (Book) Book (Black)

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