Even though no real libraries can be found in Farmine, there are still some books scattered around the city. In addition, some books can be found on the Zao Steppe, in the Dragonblaze Peaks, and on the Muggy Plains.


Name Type Description
Botany Almanach (Book) Botany Almanach

Zao Steppe

Name Type Description
Tzuzak VII Was Known as a Weak Leader (Book) Book (Brown) The lizards invoke the anger of the great snake.

Dragonblaze Peaks

Name Type Description
The Secret Door (Book) Old Piece of Paper Explanation how to escape the lizard prison.

Muggy Plains

Name Type Description
About King Tzuzak VII (Book) Book (Brown) A diary of a scribe in the palace of King Tzuzak VII
Year 30 Tzuzak VII (Book) Book (Brown Thin) Some lizards rebel againts the oppressing Draken