Fansites are sites which players of the game create and run externally. Running a fansite has a number of responsibilities and costs, including maintaining the site's content and moderating the site's forum (if any). Officially, there are three kinds of fansites, judged by their supported status: Unsupported, Supported, and Promoted.

Unsupported Tibia Fansites can be referenced in-game Tibia or on the official Tibia forums, but you could still be banished if that website violates any of the Tibia Rules. For example, encourages players to buy items/accounts for real-life money.

Supported Tibia Fansites are permitted by CipSoft and can be linked in-game or on the official forums. These website have content on Tibia but are not regularly updated.

Promoted Tibia Fansites are also permitted by CipSoft, like Supported Tibia Fansites, but are known to be regularly updated.

The Supported and Promoted fansites can be seen below.

Site Name Fansite Item Logo Description
BomDiaTibia 32px [[File:|150px]]
FunTibia Dread Doll Funtibia
GuildStats 32px [[File:|150px]]
Lootpic 32px [[File:|150px]]
MrThomsen 32px [[File:|150px]]
Portal Tibia 32px [[File:|150px]]
RadioGoroma 32px [[File:|150px]] 32px [[File:|150px]]
Tibia-Stats 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaBosses 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaCubix 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaEvents 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaGuias 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaHof 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaLatina.Wikia 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaLottery 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaML 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaMagazine 32px [[File:|150px]] 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaMisterios 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaRoyal 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaTV 32px TibiaTV
TibiaTome 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaVenezuela 32px [[File:|150px]]
TibiaWars War Backpack TibiaWars
TibiaWiki 32px [[File:|150px]] 32px [[File:|150px]]
Tibiopedia 32px [[File:|150px]]

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