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This article or section is about an event NPC, creature, item, object, outfit or location.

The information about this NPC, creature, item, object, outfit or location is only relevant during a certain event or quest, e.g. only during Christmas.

Do not remove the information on this page because you can't find the NPC/creature/item/object/outfit/location.


Event NPCs are NPCs only in Tibia during an event.

Event NPCs (34 NPCs)

Name Job Buy/Sell Location
A Beautiful Girl A Beautiful Girl Informer Inside Devovorga's lair
Balduin The Baker Balduin The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance North-western Darashia
Benny The Baker Benny The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance Southern Carlin
Biff The Baker Biff The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance Thais, near the distilling machine.
Billy The Baker Billy The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance North-eastern Liberty Bay
Brian The Baker Brian The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance East of Edron
Brutus The Baker Brutus The Baker Member of the Magic Bakery Alliance Cake Keep Isle
Casper Casper Artist
North of Darashia
Chip Chip Lumberjack North-east of Carlin
Cillia Cillia Shopkeeper On Main Street in Thais, exhibition entrance in The Games Hall.
Demon Mother Demon Mother Caretaker In the middle of the Jakundaf Desert
Dog Lady Dog Lady Caretaker Rain Castle on Thais.
Dread Guardian Dread Guardian Guard Vengoth, Devovorga's realm.
Emilie Emilie Member of the Combined Magical Winterberry Society Thais, just west of the north gate.
Friedolin Friedolin Informer Carlin, just south of the depot.
Ghost Captain Ghost Captain Ship Captain Ghostship during A Pirate's Death to Me, deep below the Thais lighthouse.
Gruffy Gruffy Member of the Combined Magical Winterberry Society Ab'Dendriel, Winterberry Cellar
Hoaxette Hoaxette Artist Walking between Temple Street, Main Street and Farm Lane in Thais during the month of April.
Jean Pierre Jean Pierre Cook West of Ashta'daramai (Blue Djinn Fortress).
Lucius Lucius Informer Yalahar (Magician Quarter, south of Ethan), Kazordoon (in the Lightbearer reward room, here) and Temple of Light (here).
Lunch Lunch Assistant
Robson's Isle, docks north of Junkar's steamship.
Messenger of Santa Messenger of Santa Assistant Near Santa Claus in every major town
Minzy Minzy Informer Underground Green Claw Swamp, in a cave.
Nathaniel Nathaniel Informer Venore, just south of the boat.
Ned Nobel Ned Nobel Inventor
Travels around between cities.
Paulette Paulette Informer Thais, next to the potion shop.
Robson Robson Postman Robson Isle
Rosemarie Rosemarie Caretaker South-west of Port Hope.
Santa Claus Santa Claus Gift Giver Has a house on the Ice Island of Vega. Around Christmas each year, he can be found in or near each major town, usually near the Depot.

Ab'Dendriel: Underground shops, near Shanar.
Ankrahmun: In the Tavern west from boat.
Carlin: At Dane's shop (underground), south west of depot.
Darashia: South of town, next to the Tavern.
Edron: Inside Castle, next to the Depot.
Farmine: In the Tavern west from the steamship.
Gray Beach: Inside the Depot.
Kazordoon: Jolly Axeman Tavern.
Liberty Bay: West of the depot.
Port Hope: Grassy area south of depot.
Rathleton: In the Grand Opera Café, west from depot.
Svargrond: West of depot.
Thais: At Frodo's shop, north east of depot.
Venore: Under main depot.
Yalahar: In the Tavern east from depot.

Smaralda Smaralda Clairvoyant Near Thais Lighthouse.
Solkrin (NPC) Solkrin (NPC) Gift Giver Swamp Troll Cave, south of Venore.
Stan Stan Shopkeeper In Venore, in Hugo's shop, south-east from the depot.
Valentina Valentina Shopkeeper Greenshore village.
Yasir Yasir Merchant The docks of Carlin here, Ankrahmun here or Liberty Bay here.

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