Ethereal Spear

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This spell is in the Attack Spells class.
8.0 (June 26, 2007)
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Ethereal Spear Ethereal Spear
Spell Class: Instant Attack Spells (Physical Damage)
Spell Words: exori con
Exp Level: 23+
Cooldown Period: 2 seconds (shares with the 2s group)
Premium: Yes
Used by: Paladins
(requires 25 mana)
Spell cost: 1100 gp.
Buy spell from:
Town / VocationPaladins
Liberty BayIsolde
Port HopeHelor
Effect: Physical Damage Icon Attacks the target causing Physical Damage.
Notes: This spell is a mainstay for the paladin, and should be learned just as soon as the minimum required experience level is met. It inflicts physical damage based upon the paladin's distance fighting skill. Unlike the enchanted spear, no weapon or item is required to cast this spell. The range is a staggering 7 squares, allowing the paladin to target a creature off-screen. This spell permits the paladin to effectively "double attack" a monster, when it is used along with a melee or distance weapon in battle. Unlike the small delay observed when using a rune, e.g. an HMM, this spell fires instantaneously.


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