Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Ab'Dendriel
Position 127.157, 123.121, 7
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Elf
Occupational Properties
Job Instrument Shopkeeper
Other Properties
Version 6.2
June 10, 2001
Status Active
You see Elvith.
NPC Bubble D


Elvith is a typical elf. He loves to listen music and is very interested in it. He knows a lot about music and he sees music everywhere. He doesn't belong to any elvish caste. His name and profession are obviously an allusion to singer Elvis Presley.

Trade Details


This NPC does not buy any items.


Item   Value
Drum Household Items Backpack of Holding140
Lute Household Items Backpack of Holding195
Lyre Household Items Backpack of Holding120
Poem Scroll 1Other Items Violet Gem200
Simple Fanfare Household Items Backpack of Holding150
  • 1 Saying love poem


To change these transcripts, edit the transcripts page for Elvith.
 (note: underlined words are spelling mistakes and might be corrected atm by Cipsoft)

Player: hi
Elvith: Ashari Player.
Player: job
Elvith: I sell musical instruments of many kinds.
Player: instruments
Elvith: I sell lyres, lutes, drums, and simple fanfares.
Player: music
Elvith: Music is an attempt to condensate emotions in harmonies and save them for the times to come.
Player: time
Elvith: Time has its own song. Close your eyes and listen to the symphony of the seasons.
Player: song or melody
Elvith: Everything is a song. Life, death, history ... everything. To listen to the song of something is the first step to understand it.
Player: elf
Elvith: We are the most graceful of all races. We feel the music of the universe in our hearts and souls.
Player: Kuridai
Elvith: They could dig some halls for a big musical event, but they won't listen to me about that matter.
Player: Teshial
Elvith: I bet they were great musicians.
Player: Crunor
Elvith: That is some god the humans worship. Our pople are not interested in this gods anymore.
Player: human
Elvith: They are too loud and don't even understand the concept of a melody.
Player: Deraisim
Elvith: The other deraisim are too much concerned with mastering the nature so they don't listen to its music anymore.
Player: Cenath
Elvith: The Cenath think they know the 'art' but the only true art is the music.
Player: troll
Elvith: I went down to the mines and tried to lighten up their spirit, the foolish creatures did not listen to my songs, though.
Player: magic
Elvith: Sorry, I don't feel like teaching magic today.
Player: Songs of the Forest
Elvith: The last issue I had was bought by Randor Swiftfinger. He was banished through the hellgate and probably took the book with him ...
Elvith: I would not recommend seeking him or the book there, but of course it is possible.
Player: hellgate
Elvith: For the worst of crimes, criminals are cast into hellgate. It is said no one can return from there. Since it is not actually forbidden to enter hellgate, you might convince Elathriel to grant you entrance.
Player: bye
Elvith: Asha Thrazi.

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