Elder Wyrm

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This creature is in the Reptiles class, Wyrms subclass.
10.1 (July 17, 2013)
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Elder Wyrm Elder Wyrm
2700 Hit points
2500 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/-- (Illusionable)
Abilities: Melee (0-350), Self-Healing (100-150), long Energy Wave (100-120), Energy Bomb on Self (140-200), Heavy Magic Missile (90-130), Death Bubble Wave (50-300), Strike Beam (0-150).
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: ?
Walks around: None.
Est. Max. Damage: 700 hp per turn
Immune To: Energy, Invisibility, Paralysis
Strong To: Fire (-25%?), Earth (-80%?)
Neutral To: Physical, Holy, Death, Ice, Drown?, Life Drain?
Weak To:
Sounds: "GRROARR"; "GRRR"
Behavior: They fight in close range and run on deep red health.
Field Notes:

Elder Wyrm

Location: Drefia Wyrm Lair
Strategy: Unknown.
0-174 gp, 0-2 Dragon Hams, 0-3 Platinum Coins, Strong Mana Potion, Strong Health Potion, Wyrm Scale, Crossbow, 0-5 Small Diamonds (semi-rare), Soul Orb (semi-rare), Lightning Legs (rare), Wand of Draconia (rare), Lightning Pendant (rare), Wand of Starstorm (rare), Lightning Robe (very rare), Shadow Sceptre (very rare), Composite Hornbow (very rare), Lightning Boots (very rare), Shockwave Amulet (very rare), Focus Cape (very rare?), Dragonbone Staff (very rare?). (Loot Statistics)

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