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This article is about the NPC Elane. For Elane the character, see Elane (Character).
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Elane NPC Elane
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Location: Thais, south of Thais depot at Harbour Street and Upper Swamp Lane, here.
Occupation: Paladin Guild Leader
Sound(s): Unknown.
Notes: She has some information about the Hunter Outfits Quest and addons.
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She is the main NPC of the Hunter Outfits Quest.
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See transcripts to see what this NPC has to say.
Items traded:
Spells Req. level Spell cost
Find Person880 gp
Light80 gp
Light Healing80 gp
Cure Poison10150 gp
Great Light13500 gp
Conjure Arrow13450 gp
Conjure Poisoned Arrow16700 gp
Destroy Field17700 gp
Intense Healing20350 gp
Conjure Explosive Arrow251,000 gp
Divine Healing353,000 gp
Item   Value Notes
Sniper Gloves Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink Enchanted Chicken Wing2000After obtaining the Hunter outfit, or as a free account. By saying item name

Transcripts [Edit these transcripts]

Player: hi
Elane: Welcome to the paladins' guild, Player! How can I {help} you?
Player: help or job
Elane: I am the leader of the Paladins. I help our members.
Player: paladins
Elane: Paladins are great warriors and magicians. Besides that we are excellent missile fighters. Many people in Tibia want to join us.
Player: warriors
Elane: Of course, we aren't as strong as knights, but no druid or sorcerer will ever defeat a paladin with a sword.
Player: magicians
Elane: There are many magic spells and runes paladins can use.
Player: missile
Elane: Paladins are the best missile fighters in Tibia!
Player: news
Elane: I am a paladin, not a storyteller.
Player: members
Elane: Every paladin profits from his vocation. It has many advantages to be a paladin.
Player: advantages
Elane: We will help you to improve your skills. Besides I offer spells for paladins.
Player: spells
Elane: Sorry, I don't teach spells for your vocation.
Player: general
Elane: Harkath Bloodblade is the royal general.
Player: army
Elane: Some paladins serve in the kings army.
Player: members

Thaian NPCs

Player: Baxter
Elane: He has some potential.
Player: Bozo
Elane: How spineless do you have to be to become a jester?
Player: McRonald
Elane: The McRonalds are simple farmers.
Player: Eclesius
Elane: He must have been skilled before he became the way he is now. Such a pity.
Player: Elane
Elane: Yes?
Player: Frodo
Elane: The alcohol he sells shrouds the mind and the eye.
Player: Galuna
Elane: One of the most important members of our guild. She makes all the bows and arrows we need.
Player: Gorn
Elane: He sells a lot of useful equipment.
Player: Gregor
Elane: He and his guildfellows lack the grace of a true warrior.
Player: Harkath Bloodblade
Elane: A fine warrior and a skilled general.
Player: King Tibianus
Elane: King Tibianus is a wise ruler.
Player: Lugri
Elane: A follower of evil that will get what he deserves one day.
Player: Lynda
Elane: Mhm, a little too nice for my taste. Still, it's amazing how she endures all those men stalking her, especially this creepy Oswald.
Player: Marvik
Elane: A skilled healer, that's for sure.
Player: Muriel
Elane: Just another arrogant sorcerer.
Player: Oswald
Elane: If there wouldn't be higher powers to protect him...
Player: Quentin
Elane: A humble monk and a wise man.
Player: Sam
Elane: Strong man. But a little shy.

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