Property Value
Aliases Goblin King's Treasure
Est. Length 15 minutes
Level 0
(15+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 6.4
November 2, 2001
Status Active


Rob the greedy goblins of their small treasure.


Edron Goblin Cave, west of town

Required Equipment


  • From the Edron depot, go down the drain in the south-west corner of the castle (here).
  • There is only one way to go, so follow the cave until you emerge in a grassy area (here).
  • Go south-west until you find the goblin hill (here). Go down the hole, and be prepared to face up to 10 Goblins at once if no one has been down there for a while.
  • Follow this path to the north-west and go down the hole:

Edron Goblin Quest Map 01

  • Follow this path to the hole in the far north-east corner. Go down this hole, and watch out for more goblins and 2 wasps:

Edron Goblin Quest Map 02

  • The reward is in two chests in the throne room to the north:

Edron Goblin Quest Map 03

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