Edron Bog Raider Cave

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Bog Raider Edron Bog Raider Cave
Near City: Edron
Location: East of Stonehome, here.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Knights: 50 Attk: 70 65 :Shield
Paladins: 42 Dist: 75 50 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 42 ML: 40 :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly





Notable Loot
Paladin Armor Springsprout Rod Belted Cape Ultimate Health Potion Boggy Dreads

Strategy for Mages: Don't get swarmed and shoot icicle (Rune)s.

Strategy for Knights: Good huntplace for Knights with level 70 or more. Knights under level 70 should hunt with a team of 1 Knight and 1 Mage/Paladin.

Strategy for Paladins: It is easy to hunt here with level 42+ if you are a Paladin. Use one of these weapons/ammunitions: Royal Spears (lvl 25), Enchanted Spears (lvl 42), Elvish Bow (no lvl requirement), Warsinger Bow (lvl 80) or Arbalest (lvl 75) in addition with: Shiver Arrows, Bolts or Power Bolts.

Edron Bog Raiders

Start - red, End - green)

Edron Bog Raider Cave

Name   Exp HP sum/con Loot
Rotworm Rotworm 40 65 --/305 0-17 gp, Ham, Lump of Dirt, Meat, Mace (semi-rare), Sword (semi-rare), 0-3 Worms (semi-rare).
Carrion Worm Carrion Worm 70 145 --/380 0-45 gp, Carrion Worm Fang, 0-2 Meat, 0-2 Worms (semi-rare), Coal (very rare).
Bog Raider Bog Raider 800 1300 --/-- 0-105 gp, Boggy Dreads, Great Health Potion (semi-rare), Great Spirit Potion (semi-rare), Plate Legs (semi-rare), Belted Cape (rare), Springsprout Rod (rare), Ultimate Health Potion (rare), Paladin Armor (very rare).

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