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Edron is a city on its namesake island to the east of the Tibian Continent, here. It was discovered not so long ago by King Tibianus III, who settled a colony on it.

The Island

As Edron is only available to Premium Accounts, you can only reach the island by boat, magic carpet or steamship from Cormaya. Despite being small, Edron has a lot to see. The island offers some nice places for any Tibian adventurer, such as caves with feared Demons, huge Behemoths and its own Edron Dragon Lair.


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On the east part of Edron is a village called Stonehome. It is a quiet place to live, and surrounded with nice sources of food, like herds of sheep, packs of wolves, wheat fields, and lots of shoreline to fish.
The general area surrounding Stonehome Village is commonly referred to by players as "P.O.F." or "The Plains of Food" because it is primarily occupied by food-yielding creatures: deer, rabbits, bears, wolves, and sheep, rather than any dangerous monsters that might be lured to town. From time to time a random Ghoul raid raises from the graveyard.

In Stonehome you can find and dig up the entrance of a Rotworms tunnel, in this cave you will also find a few Carrion Worms, on deeper levels Bog Raiders, and in a separate second level room at the southern end of the cave, there is a single Dwarf Guard.

The Stonehome cemetery features some skeletons, a single one in a burial vault below the small rock on the northern border of the cemetery, and two or three pairs of them in a cave, the entrance of which can be found behind this very rock (shovel required). This cave also sports some scorpions on the last level.
The local attraction, however, is a single Wyvern on a rock, which can be found in the area north of the Stonehome cemetery.

Edron Flats

The Edron flats are apartments to the south of the central city, a number of homes can be found here.
There is also the entrance there to Edron Orc Cave

Local Creatures

Many creatures can be found on Edron, of note, Dragons (and the superior Dragon Lords), Heroes, Behemoths, and Demons.

North of the town, behind the mountains (featuring some Wyverns), are several places with strong monsters. There is the Edron Dragon Lair (here), Cyclopolis, (here), the famous Hero Cave (here), and you can run into a pack of Hunters by the Ghoul Hill.

West of the town is a nice place for new players, the Edron Troll-Goblin Peninsula. Here you can find caves full of Goblins (here), or Trolls (here).

South of this area is a section controlled by Orcs - the Edron Orc Cave. To access this place you need to go through another tunnel that starts in the basement of the Edron Flats housing apartments. There is a cave filled with orcs (here), including very strong ones at deeper floors.

In the southern area of the island are several holes that lead to a cave with Rotworms, and in the deeper floors Carrion Worms. This cave also leads to a nearby island called Cormaya.


Edron NPCs (44 NPCs)
A Dark PriestessA Dark PriestessClericBeneath the Demonwar Crypt
AlbertAlbertHealerCenter of Stonehome
AlexanderAlexanderMagic ShopkeeperEdron, Ivory Towers (four floors above ground level in the west tower).
AmandaAmandaClericEdron Temple
ArkuliusArkuliusHeadmasterEdron, Ivory Towers south-eastern tower
Avar TarAvar TarHeroNorth-east of Edron, near the mountain pass to the north
BeatriceBeatriceEquipment ShopkeeperEast side of Edron castle, second floor
BonifaciusBonifaciusFood ShopkeeperEdron, located in the small shop to the west of the bank in the castle, north of the Depot entrance.
Captain SeahorseCaptain SeahorseShip CaptainNorth of Edron, on his boat
Chief GrarkharokChief GrarkharokUnknown OccupationThe mountains north of Edron.
ChrystalChrystalPostmanIn the west part of Edron castle, next to the depot entrance
Daniel SteelsoulDaniel SteelsoulRepresentativeCenter of Edron castle
EbenizerEbenizerBankerAbove Edron Depot, west part of the castle
Edron GuardsmanEdron GuardsmanGuardEdron castle entrance
EdvardEdvardFurniture ShopkeeperEdron, east of the castle.
ElizaElizaNecromancerEdron Ivory Towers, southern tower
FalkFalkGuardEdron, north of the castle gate
FionaFionaShopkeeperEdron Ivory Towers, in the southeastern tower, one floor up
Guide JonathanGuide JonathanInformerEdron, north of the castle on the docks
GundralphGundralphSpell InstructorEdron Ivory Towers, southern tower, one floor up
IwanIwanJewelry ShopkeeperEdron, just south of the castle
JamesJamesFarmerWest part of Stonehome.
JeromJeromMerchantNorth-east of Edron, north of the mountain pass
LaileneLaileneNecromancerEdron Ivory Towers, in the south-eastern tower, two floors up
LunaLunaShopkeeperEdron Ivory Towers, two floors up in the western tower
MilosMilosScientistEdron Ivory Towers, north-western tower 4 floors up
MirabellMirabellBarkeeperAbove Edron Depot.
PinoPinoMagic Carpet ManagerEdron castle, directly above the north city gate
PuffelsPuffelsSpell InstructorEdron Ivory Towers, southern tower
RudolphRudolphArmor ShopkeeperEast side of Edron castle, first floor up
SandraSandraShopkeeperEdron Ivory Towers, western tower, one floor down.
Sane MageSane MageSorcererSouth of Stonehome
Servant SentryServant SentryServantEdron, east of the Ivory Towers
Shoddy BeggarShoddy BeggarBeggarEdron, west of castle
SinclairSinclairScientistEdron Ivory Towers, central tower
SpectulusSpectulusScientistEdron Ivory Towers, top floor of the center tower
TelasTelasScientistJust south-west of Stonehome, in his house
TerebanTerebanArtistEdron, above Depot
ThomasThomasShopkeeperEdron, Ivory Towers three floors up in the western tower
UrsulaUrsulaSpell InstructorEdron, Ivory Towers, southern tower
WillardWillardShopkeeperEast part of Edron castle, first floor
WyrdinWyrdinMageEdron Ivory Towers, central tower
ZoltanZoltanSpell InstructorEdron Ivory Towers, two floors up in southern tower


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