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Earth Damage, Poison, and Poisoned

Earth is that on which all Tibians live in. At the creation of the world, the gods Fardos, Uman Zathroth and Tibiasula joined their powers to create time and so build the world upon it. Zathroth, the evil half of the second god, mortally wounded Tibiasula. The blow eventually killed her but Fardos and Uman quickly used their power to bind her body to the tower of time. Her soul was divided into the sea and the earth, and so all live has from then on lived on her.

Through the works of the gods in the ancient days many creatures arose from the earth. Some creatures of the earth are merely results of earth enchanted by magic users of some kind.

Some of the Dwarves are worshipers of the earth; the others worship fire, or both. They believe in the give and take of the earth: one may use the earth in their needs but must always return it to its proper place.

Creatures made of Earth
Stone GolemStone Golem160270
Earth ElementalEarth Elemental450650
Massive Earth ElementalMassive Earth Elemental9501330
Jagged Earth ElementalJagged Earth Elemental13001500
Earth OverlordEarth Overlord28004000

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