Dwarves are a race that are very short in stature. They are well known for their Beer and Wine and are unsurpassed in their mining abilities. They consider the elves to be their greatest threat, especially because of some of the magic that the elves possess.

Dwarves do not travel very much, and are therefore found almost exclusively in and around the mountain city of Kazordoon. However, they do travel by steamship to Cormaya, where some dwarves are living. Some even found their way to the Island of Destiny

There are three existing dwarven groups:

The last (probably lost) group are Chromancers - followers of time.

Dwarven brotherhoods:

Most dwarves are weak to Fire Damage and Death Damage, but you should use Ice Damage on the Dwarf Geomancer.

See also Dwarf NPCs and Dwarven Grammar.


Name Exp HP Loot
Captured Dwarf Captured Dwarf
  • This creature drops no loot.
Crazed Dwarf Crazed Dwarf 50 105
Dwarf Dwarf 45 90
Dwarf Geomancer Dwarf Geomancer 265 380
Dwarf Guard Dwarf Guard 165 245
Dwarf Henchman Dwarf Henchman 15 350
  • This creature drops no loot.
Dwarf Miner Dwarf Miner 60 120
Dwarf Soldier Dwarf Soldier 70 135

The Lost

Name Exp HP Loot
Enslaved Dwarf Enslaved Dwarf 2700 3800
Lost Basher Lost Basher 1800 2600
Lost Berserker Lost Berserker 4400 5900
Lost Exile Lost Exile 1800 1600
Lost Husher Lost Husher 1800 1600
Lost Thrower Lost Thrower 1200 1700

Dwarf Bosses

Name Exp HP Loot
Elvira Hammerthrust Elvira Hammerthrust 165 245
Foreman Kneebiter Foreman Kneebiter 445 570
Mad Technomancer Mad Technomancer 55 1800

Dwarf Arena Boss

Name Exp HP Loot
Axeitus Headbanger Axeitus Headbanger 140 365
  • This creature drops no loot.

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