While there are hundreds of unique sprites used in Tibia, several of these have multiple items associated with them. In the 2010 summer update, a few quest items with the same sprites as normal items were changed, but many still remain this way.

Image Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Item 7 Item 8 Item 9 Item 10 Item 11
Crate Crate Crate (Jimmy) Crate (Swapped) Crate (Wine) Machine Crate Weapons Crate Crate (Xodet) Crate (Usable) Old Crate Crate Full of Coral Weapons Crate
Botanist's Container (Empty) Botanist's Container (Empty) Botanist's Container (Bells) Botanist's Container (Cauldron) Botanist's Container (Rose) Botanist's Container (Orchid) Griffinclaw Container Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Red) Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Blue) Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Yellow) Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Green) Gnomish Spore Gatherer (Complete)
Document Document Bill Fan Club Membership Card Soul Contract Gnomish Voucher Type CA1 Gnomish Voucher Type CA2 Gnomish Voucher Type CB Gnomish Voucher Type MA1 Gnomish Voucher Type MA2 Gnomish Voucher Type MB
Beer Beer Oil Flask with Magical Oil Mead Rum Tea Mud Flask with Oil and Blood
Map (Colour) Map (Colour) Julius' Map Map to the Unknown Nautical Map The Lower Left Part of a Map The Lower Right Part of a Map The Top Left Part of a Map The Top Right Part of a Map
Slime (Liquid) Slime (Liquid) Animal Cure Flask with Paint Flask with Beaver Bait Flask of Poison Flask of Plant Poison Wonder Glue
Stamped Letter Stamped Letter Compromising Letter Letter to Markwin Letter to Eremo Letter to Chantalle Secret Letter Envelope from the Wizards
Old Piece of Paper Old Piece of Paper Piece of Paper Note from the Thieves Guild Old Encrypted Text Suspicious Documents The Alchemists' Formulas Translation Scroll
Parchment (Yellow) Parchment (Yellow) Gingerbread Recipe Research Notes Parchment (Poetry) Wrinkled Parchment Parchment (Questionnaire)
Magic Sulphur Magic Sulphur Fine Sulphur Easily Inflammable Sulphur Golden Quartz Powder Yellow Powder Remains of a Wisp
Document of the Follower Document of the Follower Document of the Leader Document of the Officer Old Parchment (Omrabas) Parchment (White) Building Plans for a Ship
Chest Chest Chest (Quest) Storage Chest Sturdy Chest Iriana's Chest
Life Crystal Life Crystal Deep Crystal Matrix Crystal Spectral Stone Resonance Crystal
Book (Black) Book (Black) Monk's Diary Theatre Script Botany Almanach Yalahari Folio
Document (Certificate) Document (Certificate) Tactical Map Faded Last Will Contract Signed Contract
Watch Watch Very Noble-Looking Watch Very Noble-Looking Watch (Broken) Magical Watch Stabilizer
Crystal Ball Crystal Ball Crystal Ball (Object) Scrying Ball Mago Mechanic Core
Parchment Parchment Intelligence Reports Old Parchment Nomad Parchment
Atlas Atlas Book (Atlas) Book (CGB) Strange Good Night Songs
The Dust of Arthei The Dust of Arthei The Dust of Boreth The Dust of Lersatio The Dust of Marziel
Blood Blood Lifefluid Vial of Medusa Blood Flask of Greasy Red Oil
Present Present Present (Explosive) Present (Postman) Reward Box
Ceiron's Waterskin Ceiron's Waterskin Ceiron's Waterskin (Filled) Nilsor's Waterskin Nilsor's Waterskin (Filled)
Spellbook Spellbook Almanac of Magic Nature Magic Spellbook Dragha's Spellbook
Music Sheet (First Verse) Music Sheet (First Verse) Music Sheet (Second Verse) Music Sheet (Third Verse) Music Sheet (Fourth Verse)
Butterfly Conservation Kit (Empty) Butterfly Conservation Kit (Empty) Butterfly Conservation Kit (Purple) Butterfly Conservation Kit (Blue) Butterfly Conservation Kit (Red)
Water Water Antidote Potion Flask of Crown Polisher Special Flask
Treasure Map Treasure Map Pirate Treasure Map Treasure Map (Pirate) Plan
Sheet of Paper Paper Sheet of Tracing Paper (Full) Ransom Note Torn Out Page
Pirate Bag Bag Bag (Ahmet) Suspicious Surprise Bag
Silver Key Silver Key Theodore Loveless' Key Silver Key (Outpost)
Box Box Box (Pies) Carrying Device
Glob of Tar Glob of Tar Glob of Grease Dark Essence
Stale Bread of Ancientness Bread Bread (Garlic) Stale Bread of Ancientness
Brown Flask Brown Flask Cough Syrup Flask of Warrior's Sweat
Notes of a Poacher Notes of a Poacher Old Note Scribbled Notes
Maelstrom Maelstrom Water Vortex Water Channel
Piano Piano Santiago's Piano Mr Jones's Piano
Simple Dress Simple Dress Spectral Dress Worn Dress
Old Parchment (Brown) Old Parchment (Brown) Scroll (Brown) Blurred Transcript
Strong Water Vortex Strong Water Vortex Strange Vortex (Teleporter) Vortex of Elemental Water
Carrot Carrot Pointed Rabbitslayer Carrot of Doom
Beer Cask Cask Cask of Brown Ale (Item) Cask of Brown Ale
Dwarven Beard Fake Dwarven Beard Dwarven Beard The Dwarven Emperor's Beard
Fine Vase Fine Vase Elven Vase Valuable Vase
Torn Book Torn Book Torn Log Book Damaged Logbook
Spirit Container Spirit Container Ectoplasm Container (Bone) Ectoplasm Container (Ectoplasm)
Fruit Juice Fruit Juice Urine Lemonade
Small furniture package Furniture Package Disguise Kit (Amazon) Disguise Kit (Dwarf)
Broom Broom Witchesbroom Ghost Duster
Mind Stone Mind Stone Memory Stone Shadow Orb
The Orb of Nature The Orb of Nature Charged Ghost Charm Inactive Teleporter
Parchment (Gnomes) Parchment (Gnomes) Scribbled Sheet of Paper Plans for a Strange Device
Parcel Parcel Package of Potions Parcel (Watchtower)
Lottery Ticket Lottery Ticket Poem Scroll Scroll (TBI)
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll (Quest) Test Voodoo Doll
Post Horn Post Horn Waldos Posthorn Horn of Sundering
Skull Skull (Item) Skull of Ratha Drowned Seaman's Skull
Silver Brooch Silver Brooch Family Brooch Family Brooch (Dwarven)
Loose Stone Pile Loose Stone Pile Loose Stone Pile (Omrabas) Wormhole
Energy Generator Energy Generator Core Dispenser Strange Machine (Generator)
Wand of Vortex Wand of Vortex Xodet's First Wand Sorc and Druid Staff
Bottle Bottle Beer Bottle Empty Beer Bottle
Bone Key Bone Key Goblin Bone Key Omrabas' Bone Key
Waterskin Waterskin Gas Bag Full Gas Bag
Unholy Book Unholy Book The Witches' Grimoire Eerie Song Book
Map (Brown) Map (Brown) Golem Blueprint Ancient Map
Crumpled Paper Crumpled Paper Incantation Fragment Torn Incantation Fragment
Rusty Armor (Common) Rusty Armor (Common) Rusty Armor (Semi-Rare) Rusty Armor (Rare)
Rusty Legs (Common) Rusty Legs (Common) Rusty Legs (Semi-Rare) Rusty Legs (Rare)
Rusty Shield (Common) Rusty Shield (Common) Rusty Shield (Semi-Rare) Rusty Shield (Rare)
Rusty Helmet (Common) Rusty Helmet (Common) Rusty Helmet (Semi-Rare) Rusty Helmet (Rare)
Greasy Stone (Inhabited) Stone (Brown) Greasy Stone (Inhabited) Greasy Stone (Uninhabited)
Ice Pick Ice Pick Dwarven Pickaxe Thawing Ice Pick
Jug Jug Jug (Ants) Empty Jug
Baking Tray (with Dough) Baking Tray (with Dough) Baking Tray (with Garlic Dough)
Enraged Bookworm Worm Enraged Bookworm
Flower Bowl Flower Bowl Helmet of Nature
Ring of the Sky Ring of the Sky Ring of Wishes
Bog Water Bog Water Muddy Water
Crowbar Crowbar Golem Disassembler
Wooden Ties Wood Wooden Ties
Book (Red) Book (Red) Amarie's Favourite Book
Pumpkinhead Pumpkinhead Helmet of Ultimate Terror
Party Cake Party Cake Odd Hat
Meat Shield Ham Meat Shield
Heart Pillow Heart Pillow Shield of Care
Fern Fern Trousers of the Ancients
Book (Blue) Blue Book Your Student Book
Cookbook Cookbook Jean Pierre's Cookbook I
Pair of Soft Boots Pair of Soft Boots Boots of Waterwalking
Ice Cream Cone (Crispy Chocolate Chips) Ice Cream Cone (Crispy Chocolate Chips) Ice Cream Cone (Venorean Dream)
Rolling Pin Rolling Pin Club of the Fury
Glutton's Mace Meat Glutton's Mace
Lyre Lyre Musician's Bow
Pitchfork Pitchfork Farmer's Avenger
Inkwell Inkwell Poet's Fencing Quill
Sandals Sandals Eclesius' Sandals
Crossbow Crossbow Elane's Crossbow
Barrel Barrel Barrel (Quest)
Barrel (Brown) Barrel (Brown) Barrel of Beer
Bale of White Cloth White Tapestry Bale of White Cloth
Bale of Yellowed Cloth Yellow Tapestry Bale of Yellowed Cloth
Voodoo Doll (King) Voodoo Doll (King) Fan Doll of King Tibianus
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Annihilation Bear
Wolf Whistle Wolf Whistle Wooden Whistle
Small Oil Lamp Small Oil Lamp Djinn's Lamp
Milk Milk Coconut Milk
Dirty Fur Dirty Fur Animal Fetish
Ankh Ankh Blessed Ankh
Rum Flask Rum Flask Bottle of Bug Milk
Blue Bag Bag Bundle of Rags
Wolf Tooth Chain Wolf Tooth Chain Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring Crystal Ring (Eleonore)
Yellow Pillow Yellow Pillow Yellow Pillow (Supersoft)
Icicle (Item) Icicle (Item) Elemental Crystal
Cookie Cookie Exploding Cookie
Book (Brown Thin) Brown Thin Book File AH-X17L89
Amphora Amphora Funeral Urn
Ghost's Tear Ghost's Tear Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear
Double Axe Double Axe Grodrik's Favourite Axe
Furniture Package Furniture Package Heavy Package
Heavy Metal T-Shirt Tapestry Heavy Metal T-Shirt
Ornamented Ankh Ornamented Ankh Ceremonial Ankh
Letter Letter Invitation
Wine Wine Manafluid
Dragon Necklace Dragon Necklace Jerom's Family Necklace
Crystal Key Crystal Key Prison Cell Key
Lamp Lamp Old Power Core
Picture (Portrait) Picture (Portrait) The Famous Mina Losa Painting
Beach Bag Beach Bag Christmas Present Bag
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet Precious Necklace
Red Dragon Scale Red Dragon Scale Scale from a Frozen Dragon
White Knight Token White Knight Token Shield of the White Knight
Staff Staff Simon the Beggar's Favorite Staff
Iron Hammer Iron Hammer Snake Destroyer
Flour Flour Strange Powder
Dark Shield Dark Shield The Shield Nevermourn
Death Ring Death Ring The Ring of the Count
Cape Cape The Rain Coat
Toy Mouse Toy Mouse Rat
Stone Herb Stone Herb Whisper Moss
Green Flask Green Flask Whisper Beer
Small Red Pillow Small Red Pillow Whoopee Cushion
War Hammer War Hammer Worm Punisher
Red Balloons Red Balloon Green Balloon
Elven Brooch Elven Brooch Explorer Brooch
Blueberry Blueberry Headache Pill
Plans for a Strange Device Plans for a Strange Device Scribbled Sheet of Paper
Fiery War Hammer Fiery War Hammer Heated Worm Punisher
Bloodkiss Flower Royal Blossom Bloodkiss Flower
Red Backpack Red Backpack Old and Used Backpack
Ghost Residue Ghost Residue Remains of a Ghost
Mysterious Voodoo Skull Mysterious Voodoo Skull Enigmatic Voodoo Skull
Toy Spider Toy Spider Spider
Tortoise Egg Tortoise Egg Tortoise Egg from Nargor
Wooden Floor Wooden Floor Loose Board
Goldfish Bowl Goldfish Bowl Goldfish Bowl (Object)
Basket (Puppies) Basket (Puppies) Basket with Puppies
Swamp Swamp Swamp (Diggable)
Jewel Case Jewel Case Case of Rust Bugs
Stone Wall Window (Normal) Stone Wall Window (Normal) Nordic Wall Window
Skeleton (Item) Skeleton (Item) Dead Explorer
Pile of Bones Pile of Bones Pile of Bones (Quest)
Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers (Quest)
Stone Coffin Stone Coffin Stone Coffin (Quest)
Sarcophagus Sarcophagus Sarcophagus (Quest)
Throwing Star Throwing Star Spare Part
Sand Sand Sand (Quest)
Rope Rope Lost Rope
Shovel Shovel Forlorn Shovel
Sandstone Pillar Sandstone Pillar Sandstone Pillar (Quest)
Camouflage Bag Camouflage Bag Bag with Stolen Gold
Strong Health Potion Strong Health Potion Concentrated Demonic Blood
Spellwand Spellwand Shapechanger
Pot Pot Clay Pot
Gourd Gourd Rattling Gourd
Floating Green Flask Floating Green Flask Floating Green Flask (Quest)
Delicate Vase Delicate Vase Carafe of Water Binding
Tarantula Trap Tarantula Trap Hyaena Trap
Copper Key Copper Key Omrabas' Copper Key
Bricklayers' Kit Bricklayers' Kit Emergency Kit
Dead Bog Frog (Quest) Dead Bog Frog (Fresh) Dead Bog Frog (Quest)
Obsidian Lance Obsidian Lance Sugatrap's Obsidian Lance
Arbalest Arbalest The Crossbow of Swordfish
Broken Shamanic Staff Broken Shamanic Staff Hopgoblin's Broken Staff
Spider Silk Spider Silk Steel Spider Silk
Crude Water Conveyor (Jammed) Crude Water Conveyor (Jammed) Crude Water Conveyor (Fixed)
Hydra's Nest Hydra's Nest Hydra's Nest (Quest)
Marked Crate Marked Crate Heavy Crate
Small Trunk Small Trunk Unworked Sacred Wood
Bowl Bowl Sacred Bowl
Poison Gas Poison Gas Plant Poison
Poison Gas (Neutral) Poison Gas (Neutral) Harmless Gas
Blank Paper Blank Paper Sheet of Tracing Paper (Blank)
Blank Parchment Parchment (Yellow Rewritable) Blank Poetry Parchment
Spyreport Spyreport Deed of Ownership
Mechanism Mechanism Mechanism (Teleporter)
Little Pig Little Pig Pet Pig
White Pearl White Pearl Orichalcum Pearl
Fork Fork Milking Fork
Magic Forcefield (Green) Magic Forcefield (Green) Disruption
Caramel Candy Mushroom (Quest) Caramel Candy Mushroom Caramel Candy Mushroom (Quest)
Green Piece of Cloth Green Piece of Cloth Old Rag
Shell Shell Shell (Item)
Starfish Starfish Starfish (Item)
Leather Legs Leather Legs Smelly Leather Legs
Pirate Boots Pirate Boots Worn-out Pirate Boots
Mead Horn Mead Horn Mead Horn (Empty)