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Hunting as a Druid

A Druid's ability to hunt creatures successfully depends on their knowledge of the elements and environment they are in. The main weapon of a Druid is their Rod , which will deal either earth, ice or death damage. Different creatures will be immune, resistant, neutral or weak to these elements, and as such it is important to pair up your chosen monster with the right rod at the beginning levels.

Before you start hunting with your rod, be sure to switch your fighting mode to Defensive Fighting as it will not reduce the damage you deal to a monster, but will decrease the damage you recieve.

Also keep a close eye on your mana, as each shot from your rod will reduce the amount. Keep it full at all times, and always carry at least 2 Mana Potions when you start a new hunt. Ideally you should carry at least 10 potions per every 10 levels you gain, ie; a level 20-29 should carry 20 potions, level 30-39 should carry 30, etc.

Also, you should always carry some food like White Mushrooms or brown Mushrooms.

There are 3 ways to hunt as a druid:

Power Hunt - In which the focus is pure leveling, uses mainly area runes(Avalanche, GFB, Thunderstorm or Stone Shower) or Sudden Death Runes. The exp made this way is the greatest, earning huge amounts of experience in short time. Usually Magic Level doesn't follow as the level gets higher.

Mana Hunt - This way to hunt, focus on using instant spells(exoris, waves, ultimate spells) to level, it doesn't make usually as much exp as a power hunt, since ultimate spells can't be used frequently and waves doesn't hit the same number of creature as area runes, also exoris doesn't hit as hard as SDs, but hunting this way will increase your magic level faster.

Group Hunt - Druid + Knight is known as the best duo, and can be made for Power hunt, where the knight usually gets 4-8 creatures around and the druid spam spells and heals the knight, or for loot hunt, where the main focus is getting profit.

Rod Levels

Druids fresh out of Rookgaard will hunt with a Snakebite Rod , dealing an average of 13 Earth Damage per hit at the cost of 2 Mana per shot.

But of course, that will not be your only rod in the journey of a druid, below are the rods and each level they require

Page with all the rods available at the moment

Hunting Places

The Druid's hunting places consider many things, as the element of the rods, the skills that can be learned on the present level and the environment of the creatures. So check the elements that hit each creature and the rod you are using, for better hits and faster killing. For low levels, you can hunt with weapons, as experience will not be bad.

Level 8 - 20

Creatures: Rotworms, Goblins, Larvas, Minotaur, Dwarfs

Some places for example:

  • Kazordoon Dwarf caves(1st floor): 7k~14k exp/hour
  • Venore Rotworm caves: 7k~13k exp/hour
  • Edron goblin cave: 6k~9k exp/hour
  • Edron Rotworm caves: 8-14k exp/ hour
  • Darashia Rotworm caves: 8~15k exp/ hour
  • Ankrahmun Larva Caves: 8~16k exp/hour

Level 21-40

Creatures: Scarab, Dwarf Guards, Minotaur Guards, Cyclops, Dragons

Note: At this level you can use summons to help to kill or block creatures, remember summoned creatures will get a part of the experience according to the damage they dealt. A good idea is to use demon skeletons to block the Dragons, that way even on level 28 you can have profit on those creatures.

Some places for example:

Ankrahmun Scarab caves: 15~25k exp/hour

Kazordoon Dwarf caves(lower floors): 18~30k exp/hour

Cyclopolis(Edron): 18~40k exp/hour

Darashia Minotaur Tower: 15~25k exp/hour

Mintwallin: 15~30k exp/hour

Ankrahmun Dragon Caves: 25~45k exp/hour

Level 41-60

Creatures: Ancient Scarab, Dragons, Necromancer, Energy Elemental,

Note: Dragons are found in basically everywhere on tibia, so that is an easy to find place for druids.

Note²: Energy Elementals are very hard hitting, but they have very high loot and excelent exp/hp ratio, so hunt them with caution.

Some places for example:

Carlin Dragon Lair: 40~70k exp/hour(careful, 1 Dragon lord on the way)

Venore Dragon Lair: 40~70k exp/hour

Kazordoon Dragon Lair(wall): 30~40k exp/hour

Darashia Dragon Lair: 40-70k exp/hour

Ankrahmun Ancient Scarab Caves: 40~60k exp/hour

Drefia(Necromancers): 30~70k exp/hour

Darashia Energy Elemental: 40~80k exp/hour

Level 61-100

Creatures: Ancient Scarab, Dragons, Necromancer, Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters

Note: just because you can slay a creature on the list, doesn't mean that you can go on all respawns that they live, for example, Poi's DL is really hard for level 100-, unless hunting with mana shield which is not recommended, or with a blocker.

Note²: The exp per hour is a balanced levelling, levelling with SDs or a blocker, can increase greatly the exp made.

Some places for example:

Ankrahmun Ancient Scarab Caves: 50~80k exp/hour

Drefia(Necromancers): 50~110k exp/hour

Carlin Dragon Lair: 70~130k exp/hour

Fibula Dragon Lair: 70~100k exp/hour

Darashia Dragon Lair(Dragon Lord floor): 80~150k exp/hour

Venore Dragon Lair: 60~130 exp/hour

Zao High Lizard Respawns(various): 80~140k exp/hour

Vandura Mountain(Wyrms): 80~140k exp/hour

Level 101-150

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters, Behemoths

Some places for example:

Darashia Dragon Lair(Dragon Lord floor): 120~250k exp/hour

Drefia(Wyrms):140~250k exp/hour

Carlin Dragon Lair: 120~220k exp/hour

Venore Dragon Lair: 120~220 exp/hour

Zao High Lizard Respawns(various): 120~220k exp/hour

Vandura Mountain(Wyrms): 120~200k exp/hour

POI Dragon Lair: 180~340k exp/hour

Souleater Moutain: 180~350k exp/hour

Vandura Mountain(Behemoths): 100~170k exp/hour

Level 151-200

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters, Behemoths, Hydras, Serpent Spawn, Medusa, Hellspawn

Some places for example

Same as the level 101-151, but with experience boost and with the addition of

Deeper Banuta: 300~500k exp/hour

Formogar Mines: 200~350k exp/hour

Level 200+

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Souleaters, Behemoths, Hydras, Serpent Spawn, Medusa, Hellspawn, Hellfire Fighters, Drakens, Elder Wyrms, Demons

Some places for example:

Same as the level 101+ for the respawns that are big enough for your level and with the addition of

Hero Cave(Demons): 200~400k exp/hour

Drefia(Elder Wyrms): 400~1000k+ exp/hour

Razzachai(Draken): 400~800k exp/hour

Demon Forge(various): 400~1000k+ exp/hour

Tips For Hunting As A Druid

  • Know your elements - study the creature and choose your best weapons against it.
  • Train your magic level as often as possible; Not only will your rune and instant damage increase, but your healing will too.
  • Keep an eye on your mana and potion supply; For any mage, mana is your life. It is not only required for using spells and the rods, but for replenishing health. If you run out, you'd better run home!
  • Spend your soul points, the cheapest way to level your magic level, is buying mana potions and using them to make Avalanches, that way 80% of what is wasted is gotten back.
  • Assign hotkeys to your runes and potions - assign in a way that will make you shoot and heal faster, the faster you shoot, the faster you kill.
  • Avoid mana shielding, use mana shield only in cases of extreme need, mana lost in shielding attacks are not counted for magic level.
  • Know your limits, don't try to hunt something you are risking a lot, and also don't stay behind afraid of better creatures to hunt.

Druid Hunting Guide by Nychrone

Let's get this question out of the way quickly; yes a premium account is required. Why? Because hunting grounds, spells, and travel methods will make it a necessity.

Right then, assuming you've finished your time in Rookgaard (and Destiny Isle), you have now ventured to the mainland and seem ready to take on the vast and dangerous world of Tibia.

Hunting Necessities (at all levels)

  • A Rod (Situational)

  • Spellbook (Always strive for the best)

  • Light armor (Keep things light and alternate between elemental sets or robes that give +magic level)

  • Boots (Boots of speed would be best, but you can settle for Zaoan boots. If you can afford it or get high enough level to grab them yourself, Soft boots)

  • Food (I tend to stack up on mushrooms since 100 is only 20.00 in weight)

  • X Amount of mana potions (They can mean the difference between life and death)

  • Travel cash (situational)

  • Rope (Elven rope can be acquired later)

  • Shovel (Light shovel is the best option, they're cheap on the Auction House)

  • Runes (These will vary as the guide goes on)

  • A loot bag(s) (you'll need these to carry all the sweet loot you'll make on hunts)

  • Completed the Postman Quest at level 25+ (this will make traveling by boat cheaper and will help you get loot back to your depot safely since you'll have access to mailboxes located around the world)

Levels 8-14

  • Edron Troll caves or Ankrahmun Peninsula tombs.

I usually start in Edron and work my way through trolls. The exp early is great, but don't make any plans to stay there because the loot isn't what we're looking for in a profitable hunt. Keep killing the trolls and dont forget to rest up for hp and mana resources when you need to. Use Apprentice's Strike if you want but against the trolls you shouldn't have a problem clearing them out with just your wand.

If trolls aren't your thing then I recommend going to the Ankrahmun Peninsula tomb. You should be able to clear the first floor pretty easily but things can get dicey depending on what you fight down there, especially if its a scarab.

This is why I head there after level 12 and dispatch the creatures with a wand and a spell strike. Druids have access to different kinds of spell strikes, each consuming 20 mana so be careful about using them. At higher levels you gain access to "Strong Strike" spells which will consume more mana but deal even greater damage. At level 13 you should have access to quite a few spells, the core ones being Terra Strike andEnergy Strike. Note: This doesn't mean don't buy any of the other spells available, it just means those two are going to be key for now.

Levels 15-27


Necessary spells:

  • Ice Strike (lvl 15)

  • Flame Strike (lvl 14)

  • Magic Shield (lvl 15)

  • Intense Healing Rune (lvl 15)

  • Light Magic Missile Rune (lvl 15)

  • Fire Field Rune (lvl 15)

Optional spells:

  • Haste

Pretty big leveling gap there right? Well its tibia and you've signed up for a grind game. Unlike other mmorpg's this one is centered around the thrill of the hunt. I'm always excited about preparing my runes, arranging the correct spells and food rations before I hunt. Why? Because I know those efforts will pay off after I've returned from my long day of hunting. Keeping that in mind we move on to hunting preparations. Unlike the ones listed above, these preparations are designed to keep your hunting costs low, your ability to stay in a hunting ground long, and keep you alive in sticky situations.

Make around 50-60 Intense Healing Runes. I never leave home without them as a Druid. They heal you when you're out of mana and raise your magic level by making them. You can now use your mana for more offensive spells which is what we want when hunting. I prefer to stock up on Light Magic Missile Runes (LMM) instead for a few levels (usually 15-18), but thats completely optional and at low levels the runes prove to add little damage compared to your spells and rod.

Checklist before we hunt (make sure you have these every time you hunt!):

  • 50-60 Intense Healing Runes (GET THESE) Later you should swap these out for Ultimate Healing Runes which heal for far more.

  • 50-100 of some type of damage rune

  • X Amount of Mana Potions (The amount varies depending on level and expected hunting time, as well as the creatures you plan on hunting. I'll provide the amounts I usually take with me for each section of the hunting guide).


Finally! The hunt is what we're here for after all isn't it? I'll keep things simple and provide some tips where I deem necessary.

Levels 15-20

  • Ankrahmun Peninsula Tombs (1st Floor)

Kill everything on the first floor. Bring around 10 mana potions and some food.

  • Liberty Bay Rotworm Cave

Kill everything on the first floor. You should be able to kill everything on the second floor as well but be careful when killing Tarantulas. Those things hurt and need to be taken down fast. This place has great loot, you could turn a healthy profit in under 2 hours.

      • Grab your promotion from the king in thais. Its also recommended to complete the desert quest for the 10k reward. Speaking of gold if you can, grab a Nomad Parchment and complete Arito's Task quest. You'll make an easy 5k AND gain access to the nomad hunting ground.

Levels 20-28

  • Nomad Cave

If you completed Arito's Task you now have access you the nomad caves and can use the secret entrance in order to get in. This is the best place for loot if you're running low on cash. I made 40k here just hunting my way from 20-29. 30k of that went straight to buying a pair of boots of haste. The exp is great.

  • Ankrahmun Peninsula Tombs (2nd Floor)

Bring at least 40 mana potions.

Tips: You can kill everything on the first floor before heading downstairs. Once you're there start with clearing the northern section. Then head south and clear everything there. Beware the Stone golem and the Crypt Shamblers. The crypt Shamblers HURT. Move quickly and kite around the room, use flame strike on the shamblers, mummies, and scarabs. If you're up for it and you're careful, you can try clearing the eastern sections of the floor. Dont hesitate to use the healing runes when you're in the yellow against tough creatures here. Anything from a bad lag to poor positioning (getting yourself surrounded or cornered) could lead to death.

Levels 28-36

  • Ankrahmun Peninsula Tombs (2nd Floor)

Same method as before but things should be easier to clear. Its monotonous but the loot and exp is still great. Had a friend stay there from level 10 till he was in his 70's (as he leveled he was able to take on other floors and use secret entrances to hunt stronger creatures).

  • Laguna Islands

Use Flame Strike. Bring 40-60 mana potions.

Tips: If you want to hunt Toads and Tortoises then complete the Meriana Quest. Watch your health and heal when needed. If you can't handle things solo then Summon either one or two Monks to help you. Personally I didn't like this option. The change in scenery was welcomed but the nature of the area forces a Druid to use too many mana potions. There's a mailbox on the island so there is a profit to be made. Mind the terrain though, brush placement and rocks can impede your kiting abilities.

  • Ankrahmun Dragons (Be careful)

Grab the Icicle Rune spell. Bring 30-40 mana potions.

Tips: Dragon hunting is dangerous. Seriously they can bring you from full health to 0 with one combo. I try to avoid these unless I need to power level. Their loot can be terrible at the single spawn so dont waste your time with that. Instead go to the spawn with two dragons and lure them out one by one. Kill them with an Ice Rod and some Icicle Runes. Even then the payoff might be awful. A good drop from a dragon would be a Wand Of Inferno. Thats about 3k right there. You can buy or make the runes but I go for the making them method. It takes way longer but pays off when your magic level increases. Another good idea is to use Ice Strike in combination with your rod and runes. Summoning a Demon Skeleton to be your blocker can prove helpful.

Levels 33-45

  • Svargrond Barbarian Camps (stock up on Earth runes)

You must complete the Barbarian Test Quest in order to take the boat to the camps. After completing the quest ask NPC Buddel to take you to the "raider camp" and say yes.

33-36 Ragnir (Small camp, 1 or two Bloodwalkers to worry about)

37-45 Krimhorn (Largest camp, be careful on days when there's a full spawn. There are more Bloodwalkers here than there are in the small camp)

Tips: Stock up on loot bags, mana potions, intense healing runes, parcels+labels, and earth runes. Use Terra Strike, Terra Rod, Stalagmite Runes, and Stone Shower Runes) to capitalize on your awesome earth advantage. At level 37 switch to the Springsprout rod and embrace the damage increase. The only real Barbarian that will give you trouble is the Bloodwalker. They're fast and can cleave you for a good 150+ hp on a good hit. Kill them fast and make sure you loot everything. Odds are if you hunt here for levels 33-45 you can come across 3-5 red cloths. Depending on your server you can sell those bad boys for 20k a piece! Red cloth aside you'll loot halberds and insane amounts of gold. I've made somewhere between 16 to 54k gold a hunt here, you can too, just make the effort and prepare for the journey.

  • Ankrahmun Dragons (again I say be careful)

Grab 60-100 Icicle Runes. 40-50 mana potions. 50-60 Avalanche Runes.

Tips: You should be able to handle Dragons in the larger mountain if you don't lure too many. Summon a Demon Skeleton to block for you in case you need it. Use healing runes often on yourself and the skeleton if you have one. Bring an Obsidian Knife if you manage to come across one.

  • More Ankrahmun Tombs!

  • Peninsula Tomb
  • Shadow Tomb
  • Tarpit Tomb (through the teleporter Levels 43+)

Tips: You should be able to clear the first and second floors of the Peninsula tomb. You can also take on all the creatures in the first and second floors of the Shadow Tomb, just mind the vampire and Fire Devils. If you happen to cross paths with the vampire kill it fast and keep your health up at all times, you may have to use heal to get rid of the "slow" debuff it places on you. The Fire Devils aren't too bad if you use Icicle Runes or Avalanche Runes. For the Tarpit Tomb go through the teleporter. Don't bother hunting in the other areas of the tomb, the best place is through the teleporter. You'll need a scarab coin to get in every time mind you, but the rewards are great.

  • Yalahar Alchemist Quarter

In order to access the mutated humans hunting ground you must complete the first two portions of the In Service To Yalahar Quest.

Bring an Ice Rod here since they're immune to Earth and Death. Use your Flame Strike or Druid onlyPhysical Strike. Use Fireball Runes for added damage. Bring 100 mana potions.

Tips: The exp and loot here is incredible. Pick up everything you can because chances are you can sell them for a great amount of gold. Kite when needed and try not to take on too many creatures at once. Dont go for the bog raiders, they'll kill you. Mutated Rats are tough, try and take them on 1v1. If there are other creatures helping the rat use Great Fireball Runes and heal like crazy because your health pool isn't that big.

Level 45+

  • Darashia Dragon Caves

Bring 100 mana potions, 200 Icicle Runes, 100 Avalanche Runes, 60-80 Intense Healing runes. Tips: Use all the Ice you can and hope there aren't any botters because this place is awesome. The loot is amazing, and on an extended stay you can potentially make upwards from 40k gold. Use the Avalanche runes when there are packs of Dragons around you and always kite them. Use Magic Shield if needed, an Energy Ring could prove useful. At around level 52 you have just enough hp to where if you're careful you can get through the whole cave without having to use mana shield. Just be sure to heal yourself when your hp is yellow. Dont go down a floor, there are Dragon Lords. Those things can and will kill you instantly if they get a chance.

  • Even MORE tombs!

Tombs will get you all the gold, exp, and loot you'll ever need. So long as you can stand being there every time you decide to hunt. If the monotony of tombs doesn't get to you then you've found your promise land.

  • Cyclopolis

Tips: The cyclopsis in Edron shouldn't hurt you as much at these levels. Just kill them using earth and bring a parcel for the mailbox thats in here. The exp is decent and the loot can be great if you come across halberds and cyclops toes.

Hooray You've reached 50! So where to from here? Well Thats for you to decide! Honestly the bigger more dangerous hunts don't happen till you're in your 60's but this guide was meant to get you 90% there. Those last 10 levels can be achieved through any of the hunting places I've mentioned. At levels 60 and beyond there's a whole world to explore, just make sure you're prepared.

Ideas for 60+

  • Hydras if you can get a blocker.

  • Underwater zones if you're up for it. ( I recommend getting a blocker for this too though)

  • Vampires (Just watch your health bar and heal wisely.)

  • Heros (crown armors and red cloth galore)

  • Necromancers (bring a friend if you can/want)

  • Pirates

  • Voodoo Cultists

  • Dragon Lords in your 70's

  • Djins or Efreets

  • Earth Elementals

  • Behemoths (Definitely get a blocker who's above 70)

At this point it's safe to say that you can find something you like to hunt. So long as you do the math and calculate how much you spent preparing for the hunt, you can turn a profit. Thank you for reading this guide and happy adventuring!

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