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Hunting as a Druid

A Druid's ability to hunt creatures successfully depends on their knowledge of the elements. The main weapon of a Druid is their Rod , which will deal either earth, ice or death damage. Different creatures will be immune, resistant, neutral or weak to these elements, and as such it is important to pair up your chosen monster with the right rod.

Before you start hunting with your rod, be sure to switch your fighting mode to Defensive Fighting as it will not reduce the damage you deal to a monster, but will decrease the damage you recieve.

Also keep a close eye on your mana, as each shot from your rod will reduce the amount. Keep it full at all times, and always carry at least 2 Mana Potions when you start a new hunt. Ideally you should carry at least 10 potions per every 10 levels you gain, ie; a level 20-29 should carry 20 potions, level 30-39 should carry 30, etc.

Also, you should always carry some food like White Mushrooms.

Levels 8 - 12

Druids fresh out of Rookgaard will hunt with a Snakebite Rod , dealing an average of 13 Earth Damage per hit at the cost of 2 Mana per shot.

Orcs are weak to earth damage, and are an ideal creature for a low level Druid to hunt. Thais Ancient Temple is a good place to hunt them as there is plenty of room to run them. Just be careful of the Orc Warriors as they run fast and can be dangerous to an inexperienced hunter. Also because of the wide range of creature products that orcs drop, they can be quite profitable to hunt. Collecting the Broken Helmets and Orc Leather can greatly increase your loot value. Especially when considering their light weight and a Druid's low capacity.

Other good Creatures to hunt include Trolls and Goblins , all of which are weak to Earth Damage, and drop a reasonable amount of food too.

Edron goblin cave: ~8k exp/hour

Edron Rotworm cave: 8-9k exp/ hour

Dont be concerned if you lose your Snakebite Rod, as you can recieve one free replacement from your local magicshop keeper.

Levels 13 - 18

Once a Druid reaches level 13 they can upgrade their weapon to a Moonlight Rod, dealing an average of 19 Ice Damage per hit at the cost of 3 mana per shot. Be prepared to pay between 200-1000 gold for this weapon.

Bears and Wolves are ideal for hunting if you are not looking to level quickly. They are weak to ice damage and drop large amounts of food to replenish the mana they cost.

Minotaurs are also weak to ice damage, but can be dangerous. A normal Minotaur will be no problem to hunt, but unfortunately it is rare to find them alone. They are usually accompanied by Minotaur Archers, Minotaur Guards and Minotaur Mages. Therefore when hunting them, have Exura at the ready, and room to run. On a more positive note, Minotaurs drop a wide range of armors and weapons that can be sold to NPC's for a large profit and can be skinned with an Obsidian Knife to obtain Minotaur Leather. A good place to hunt them is the Kazordoon Minotaurs as there are only minotaurs and a few single minotaur archers spread around the caves. Beware of the tower though, as it spawns minotaur mages and guards. Keep clear of it until you are a higher level.

Levels 19 - 21

At Level 19 a Druid can purchase a Necrotic Rod , dealing an average of 30 Death Damage per hit at the cost of 5 mana per shot. Expect to pay between 800 - 4000 gold for this weapon.

Amazons and Cyclopses are weak to death damage and give great experience. Just be careful when hunting a Cyclops as they have a strong melee. Fight them from a distance and be carefull not to get yourself cornered. Like minotaurs, cyclopses drop a large number of sellable armors and weapons, so pick up as much as you can carry. They also drop a fair amount of food, so dont worry about taking some with you when you're hunting. The cyclops camp in the Plains of Havoc can be a good place to test yourself on a cyclops as there is a large amount of running space. Be careful however, not to run south, as a Giant Spider resides near the temple just to the south. Another great place to fight a Cyclops is Mount Sternum.​ Finally if you have premium you can hunt at Cyclopolis, however the popularity of this hunting ground can sometimes make it a little slow. Just be careful of the lower floors and the room on the upper right of the first floor as they contain greater threats.

Levels 22 - 25

At level 22 it's time to purchase a Northwind Rod , dealing 30 ice damage, at the cost of 5 mana per shot. Expect to pay from 1000 - 5000 gold for it, provided you purchase it from players, not an NPC.

Going back to creatures weak to ice damage, by now you should be able to safely hunt any minotaur type. Hunting Minotaurs and Cyclopses is a quick way to level safely. Carrying a few Stalagmite runes with you will help with killing cyclopses quicker.

Levels 26 - 32

Returning to earth damage, at level 26 you can purchase a Terra Rod dealing an average of 45 earth damage per turn at a cost of 8 mana per shot.

Killing Cyclopses, including Cyclops Smiths and Cyclops Drones will help you to advance your level quickly and profitably, as they are weak to the element, and give great exp. You can also add orcs and elves to your hunting list, being mindful that an Elf Arcanist generally does about 70-85 damage with one of it's magical attacks. Shadowthorn is a great place to start hunting elves, as the ground and upper levels are home only to Elves and Elf Scouts, which pose little threat to anyone with decent equipment.

At level 30, you should purchase the Avalanche rune spell and start stock piling them. They are easy to sell, great for advancing your magic level, and will come in very useful in combination with your next rod.

Levels 33 - 36

Buy yourself a Hailstorm Rod, dealing an average of 65 ice damage at a cost of 13 mana per shot. Be prepared to spend between 2500 to 7000 gold on it.

Team it up with a few dozen Avalanche runes and get ready to face your first Dragon!

A great place to solo your first dragon is Shadowthorn. There are 3 Dragons here, and all are solo spawns that cannot be lured to any other locations, or found with any other creatures. Stand diagonal to the Dragon, making sure you have chase mode turned off, and attack it with your Hailstorm Rod, using Avalanche runes as support. Heal often, and have mana potions ready. A dragon will take between 100 - 350 mana to kill on average (mostly spent on healing) when teamed up with runes, depending on how often the particular dragon heals itself. They drop great, easily sellable loot and can be skinned with an obsidian knife. Druids can gain a lot of experience quickly hunting dragons. Just be sure not to take on more than one at a time at this level.

Levels 37 - 41

Back to Earth Damage with a Springsprout Rod , this weapon has little to no variation from the Hailstorm rod except for the damage type and a slightly higher cost.

If you choose to use this rod in placement of a Hailstorm rod, return to hunting cyclopses and orcs, aiming for the stronger breeds. Note that you should not replace your hailstorm rod, keep it either with you or in your dp. It is ideal to keep a Springsprout rod in Thais as most of the creatures found in Mount sternum and in the Ancient temple are weak or neutral to earth damage.

At level 40, it is also possible to safely solo a wyvern or two. Trade a few Avalanches for Great Fireball runes with a Sorcerer and equip a Silver Amulet and Dwarven Ring to your character. Note that Wyverns are immune to earth damage, so switch back to your hailstorm rod. Be mindful of your mana and you should be fine. Avalanche runes can be used if GFB are unavaliable, they just do a little less damage.

Levels 42 And Up

At level 42 you can purchase an Underworld Rod. Again it offers no difference from the previous 2 rods, save for a change in element and an increased price.

By now you should have found a particular creature that you find you can hunt safely and profitably in your own particular way. Most creatures weak to ice and earth damage also have a minor weakness or neutrality to death damage, so this rod wont hinder your hunting. Switching between this rod and its 2 previous options will depend on what you prefer to hunt.

Life Beyond Rods

After reaching level 42 you will find yourself at the end of your rod evolution. Rods have a set damage count, and thus far no stronger models exist. If you wish now to increase your fire-power , you must concentrate on hunting with runes. As your magic level advances, so will the effectiveness of your spells and runes. The only way to increase the efficiency of your hunting now is to advance your magic level and fight with runes. Just as with your rods, the runes you decide to make/purchase will depend on your personal preference of monster to hunt. Teaming up your preferred rod with the appropriate rune (assigned to a hotkey) will increase the damage you do as well as reduce the time and mana required to kill a monster.

Hunting stronger, more dangerous creatures will now depend on;

Your magic level - How much damage your rune will do to the monster, and how much health you can regain when you heal yourself.

Your Experience Level - How much health you have to start with; do not fight a monster that could wipe out all of your health in one blow.

Hunting profitably will depend on -

Mana/Gold Ratio - How much mana is required to kill an individual creature, and how valuable the loot that creature will drop; dont hunt a monster if you need to spend 200 gold on mana potions and it will only give you 100 gold worth of loot.

Capacity - If you spend 1000 gold on mana potions, but can only carry 300 gold worth of loot, you are wasting your time. Pick up light weight objects like Creature Products and leave the heavy armors alone. If you fill your capacity before you've run out of mana, consider returning to your dp to offload a bit.

Tips For Hunting As A Druid

  • Know your elements - dont use an earth weapon on a creature weak to ice damage.
  • Trade Avalanche runes with Sorcerers and get some Great Fireballs to hunt with. (Wyverns in particular)
  • Upgrade your armor as soon as possible; Grab a pair of Boots of Haste ASAP to avoid running into any nasty critters you cant get away from. Druids also have the worst defense, so the better your armor, the better chance you have of surviving an attack.
  • Train your magic level as often as possible; Not only will your rune damage increase, but your healing will too.
  • Keep an eye on your mana and potion supply; For any mage, mana is your life. It is not only required for using a rod, but for replenishing health. If you run out, you'd better run home!
  • Spend money to make money- Buy mana potions, and lots of them, or you'll run out before you've had a chance to hunt long enough to make money and decent exp.
  • Assign hotkeys to your runes and potions - runes will fire faster and allow you to run a creature without distraction of clicking everywhere. It is also near impossible to accurately use a potion on yourself if you are moving, so a hotkey will prevent any miss-clicks, and may just save your life.
  • If you're not sure, leave it alone - dont jump into a pit of creatures if you've never faced one before. Do your research, find yourself a single spawn with a close exit, and fight with caution. Better to live to fight another day then lose equipment and experience in a fight you could never have won.

Remember, Druids have low defence, low health level and relatively low fire-power. They are healers, not fighters. Just because a Knight or Paladin of the same (or even lower) level can kill it, doesn't mean a Druid could. Stick to your elemental advantages if you wish to avoid death and waste.

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