Hunting as a Druid

A Druid's ability to hunt creatures successfully depends on their knowledge of the elements and environment they are in. The main weapon of a Druid is their Rod , which will deal either earth, ice or death damage. Different creatures will be immune, resistant, neutral or weak to these elements, and as such it is important to pair up your chosen monster with the right rod at the beginning levels.

Before you start hunting with your rod, be sure to switch your fighting mode to Defensive Fighting as it will not reduce the damage you deal to a monster, but will decrease the damage you recieve.

Also keep a close eye on your mana, as each shot from your rod will reduce it. Keep it near full at all times, and always carry at least 2 Mana Potions when you start a new hunt. Ideally you should carry at least 10 potions per every 10 levels you gain, ie; a level 20-29 should carry 20 potions, level 30-39 should carry 30, etc.

It would also be beneficial to always carry some kind of food, the best being Brown Mushrooms.

There are 3 ways to hunt as a druid:

Power Hunt - In which the focus is pure leveling, uses mainly area runes (Avalanche, GFB, Thunderstorm or Stone Shower) or Sudden Death Runes. The exp gained this way is the greatest, earning huge amounts of experience in a short amount of time. Usually Magic Level doesn't follow as the level gets higher.

Mana Hunt - This way to hunt focuses on using instant spells (strike spells, wave spells and/or ultimate spells) to kill monsters. It usually doesn't gain as much exp as quickly as a power hunt, since ultimate spells can't be used frequently and wave spells doesn't hit the same number of creature as area runes, and strike spells doesn't hit as hard as SDs, but hunting this way will increase your magic level in a more balanced manner.

Group Hunt - Druid + Knight is known as the best duo, and can be made for Power hunt, where the knight usually gets 4-8 creatures around and the druid spam spells and heals the knight, or for loot hunt, where the main focus is getting profit. Having players from the other vocations in your Party will also increase the efficiency of the hunt and the exp/hour.

Rod Levels

Druids fresh out of Rookgaard will hunt with a Snakebite Rod , dealing an average of 13 Earth Damage per hit at the cost of 2 Mana per shot.

But of course, that will not be your only rod in the journey of a druid, below are the rods and each level they require

Page with all the rods available at the moment

Hunting Places

The Druid's hunting places consider many things, as the element of the rods, the skills that can be learned on the present level and the environment of the creatures. So check the elements that hit each creature and the rod you are using, for better hits and faster killing. For low levels, you can hunt with weapons, as experience will not be bad.

Level 8 - 20

Creatures: Rotworms, Goblins, Larvas, Minotaur, Dwarfs


Level 21-40

Creatures: Scarab, Dwarf Guards, Minotaur Guards, Cyclops, Dragons

Note: At this level you can use summons to help to kill or block creatures, remember summoned creatures will get a part of the experience according to the damage they dealt. A good idea is to use demon skeletons to block the Dragons, that way even on level 28 you can have profit on those creatures.


Level 41-60

Creatures: Ancient Scarab, Dragons, Necromancer, Energy Elemental

Note: Dragons are found in basically everywhere on tibia, so that is an easy to find place for druids.

Note²: Energy Elementals are very hard hitting, but they have very high loot and excelent exp/hp ratio, so hunt them with caution.


Level 61-100

Creatures: Ancient Scarab, Dragons, Necromancer, Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters

Note: just because you can slay a creature on the list, doesn't mean that you can go on all respawns that they live, for example, Poi's DL is really hard for level 100-, unless hunting with mana shield which is not recommended, or with a blocker.

Note²: The exp per hour is using balanced leveling, leveling with SDs or a blocker, can greatly increase the exp gained.


Level 101-150

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters, Behemoths


Level 151-200

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Wyrms, High Class Lizards, Souleaters, Behemoths, Hydras, Serpent Spawn, Medusa, Hellspawn


Same as the level 101-151, but with experience boost and with the addition of

Level 200+

Creatures: Dragon Lords, Souleaters, Behemoths, Hydras, Serpent Spawn, Medusa, Hellspawn, Hellfire Fighters, Drakens, Elder Wyrms, Demons


Same as the level 101+ for the respawns that are big enough for your level and with the addition of

Tips for Hunting as a Druid

  • Know your elements - study the creature and choose your best weapons against it.
  • Train your magic level as often as possible; Not only will your rune and instant damage increase, but your healing will too.
  • Keep an eye on your mana and potion supply; For any mage, mana is your life. It is not only required for using spells and the rods, but for replenishing health. If you run out, you'd better run home!
  • Spend your soul points, the cheapest way to level your magic level is buying mana potions and using them to make Avalanches, that way 67% of what is wasted is gotten back.
  • Assign hotkeys to your runes and potions - assign in a way that will make you shoot and heal faster, the faster you shoot, the faster you kill.
  • Avoid mana shielding, use mana shield only in cases of extreme need, mana lost in shielding attacks are not counted for magic level.
  • Know your limits, don't try to hunt something you are risking a lot, and also don't stay behind afraid of better creatures to hunt.
  • If you're above level 200, Grovebeast can be very useful when hunting creatures one by one. Because of its damage and the fact that you won't need to run and heal as often, you'll get 10~20% experience boost for 15 minutes every 30 minutes.

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