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This creature is in the Reptiles class, Dragons subclass.
8.7 (December 8, 2010)
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Draptor Draptor
3000 Hit points
2400 Experience points per kill
Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Melee (0-230), Energy Hit (197-300?), Yellow Energy Berserk (130-210+), Fire Wave (98-120?, very slow), Self-Healing (200-250), Haste (red music?).
Pushable: Cross
Push Objects: Tick
Walks around: Poison
Est. Max. Damage: 600+ hp per turn
Immune To: Energy, Paralysis, Invisibility
Strong To: Fire (-50%)
Neutral To: Holy, Death, Ice, Drown, Life Drain
Weak To: Physical (+1%?), Earth (+20%)
Behavior: Very fast, comparable to a level 180 character. A draptor will retreat at 997 - 1055 health (33.23% to 35.17%)
Field Notes: Appears during the Dragon raid on Muggy Plains (known locations during a raid). You can tame them using a Harness or Music Box.

Killed Draptors!

Location: Zao, north east of Dragonblaze Peaks during raid. There are up to 10 draptors per raid, while 6 of them may also appear in mission 8 of Wrath of the Emperor Quest, here.
Strategy: They are somewhat similar to Wyrms, but a bit stronger and faster.
0-212 gp, Draptor Scales, Strong Health Potion, Strong Mana Potion, Dragon Robe (rare). (Loot Statistics)

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