Draken Chestplate

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The information on this page is no longer relevant to the Tibia or TibiaWiki community. It may have been removed from the game.

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This item is in the Body Equipment class, Armors sub-class
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Draken Chestplate Draken Chestplate
It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 100 or higher.
Attributes: Arm: 15, Protection life drain +5%, distance fighting +2
Weight: 59.00 oz.
i Transferable: Yes.
Loot value: ? gp.
Dropped by:
Buy from: Players only.
Sell to: Players only.
Notes: This item was found in the Test Server for the Summer Update 2010, but was not implemented in game. Instead it was replaced by Elite Draken Helmet.

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