The Draken are high-ranking members of the hierarchy who are often deeply involved in palace politics and intrigues. In many regards, Draken have many more similarities to dragons than to their lizard parents. It can only be speculated what has caused their change, but the first Draken were born during the early years of the reign of the dragon kings.

The raising and training of the Draken takes much time and dedication. There are rumours that Draken neither die nor get weaker when getting older, rather the opposite, they are supposed to become more and more powerful with every day. The most ancient of the Draken are said to form the 'Flame Guard', the personal elite bodyguard of the dragon emperor, as well as the fabled 'Enders', the private executioners and assassins of the dragon kings.

The more cunning often choose to become Draken Spellweavers. Combining their intellect with their inherent magical talent, probably comparable with that of a dragon, they make great spell casters of formidable power. Sadly, at least for the Draken, this often means a rather dull life full of bureaucracy. It is said their valued intellect binds them to such positions and all these intrigues and deceit are only ways to blow off steam. So when the rare occasion arises that a Draken Spellweaver takes part in a battle, they are often more fierce than their warrior cousins. They combine spells and physical attacks and so pose a threat to even the most experienced fighters. Although highly capable in the realms of magic, they only use a limited array of spells. Most of them are quite direct and have an immense damage output. The majority of Draken Spellweavers see battles as a welcome escape from their duties such as studying and regulating. They enjoy to leave all finesse and intrigues behind and to taste the blood of an enemy.

The mighty Draken Warmasters originate from ordinary lizard hatcheries. In the armies of the lizard people, the strong and cunning Draken Warmasters often serve as leaders or elite units. Due to their immense power, they have little to fear and relentlessly unleash their rage in battle. As revered members of the lizard society, they receive the best equipment the master craftsmen can supply, and they use it with skill and precision obtained in years of sedulous training. This combination of skill, natural prowess and superior equipment makes them the most valued and feared troops in the dragon empire.

The Draken can only be found in Chazorai and Zao, namely Zzaion and the Zao Palace, but the greatest number of Draken dwell under the great city, Razzachai, in Northern Zao.

Ice Damage works the best on Drakens in most cases, but you might wish to use Energy Damage on Draken Abominations instead for a little bit more damage.

See also Draken NPCs.


Name Exp HP Loot
Draken Abomination Draken Abomination 3800 6250
Draken Elite Draken Elite 4200 5550
Draken Spellweaver Draken Spellweaver 3100 5000
Draken Warmaster Draken Warmaster 2400 4150

Draken Bosses

Name Exp HP Loot
Chizzoron the Distorter Chizzoron the Distorter 4000 16000
Dragonking Zyrtarch Dragonking Zyrtarch  ?  ?
  • This creature drops no loot.
Paiz the Pauperizer Paiz the Pauperizer 6300 8500
Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch Soul of Dragonking Zyrtarch  ?  ?
Zulazza the Corruptor Zulazza the Corruptor 9800 28000

Draken Arena Boss

Name Exp HP Loot
Tirecz Tirecz 6000 25000
  • This creature drops no loot.

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